23 August 2012

Autopsy shows soldier killed with hammer and iron bar by relatives not stones

East Timor Legal News23/08/2012 The autopsy on a soldier,  who was believed to have been killed by stoning was in fact killed by blows with a hammer and an iron bar to the head.

A relative of the murdered soldier, Mr Luis Gaspar, told reporters that, based on the autopsy, his family member died because he was hit with a hammer. It had previously been reported that he had been stoned to death.

He was taken to the Hospital but he died a week later, said Mr. Gonzaga.

Meanwhile, State Secretary for Security (SES), Francisco da Costa Guterres, said he had asked the National Police (PNTL) not to tolerate the suspects who killed the member of the country's defence force.

Mr. Guterres affirmed that the police were currently undertaking an investigation into the case and would send their findings to the Public Prosecution for legal charges.

He added that the police had identified the suspects who killed the soldier but they could not reveal it as it was the subject of the legal process.

However, the chief of the Criminal Investigation, Calistro Gonzaga, said the victim, Cristovao da Silva, was attacked by his relatives at a family wedding party in Kintal Boot on August 12.

A close relative of the victim, Ricardo Ximenes, denied that the family was involved and claimed instead that Mr. da Silva was attacked by an unknown group of the people on the road leading from Audian to Kintal Boot, around Santa Cruz.

The investigation into the soldier's death is continuing.

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