23 August 2012

Police identify suspects in journalist stabbing case and report second stabbing

Commander Calisto Gonzaga
East Timor Legal News 23/08/2012 ETLJB - The police have identified several suspects in the case of the recent stabbing in Dili of a radio journalist who was investigating corruption.

The journalist was stabbed outside the office of the Anti-Corruption Commission on 10 August 2012.

“There has been an indication about the people who stabbed the Radio Rakambia journalist Leonito da Cruz Gonsalves,” National Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander, Calisto Gonzaga, said.

In a further development, Commander Gonzaga also told journalists that another young man known as Clementino had also been stabbed in the suburb of Delta 3 in the capital, Dili.

The Commander added that both of the stabbing victims were currently receiving medical treatment in the Guido Valadares National Hospital of  (HNGV) and are expected to survive their injuries.

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