20 August 2012

JSMP disseminates information and knowledge on the Law Against Domestic Violence

East Timor Legal News 20 August 2012 ETLJB East Timor's peak judicial system monitoring NGO, JSMP will conduct national seminars on developments since the enactment of the Law Against Domestic Violence in 2010 in the Districts of Liquica (on 17 August 2012) and Ermera (on 24 August 2012). The focus of the seminars is on progress and challenges since the law came into force.

The purposes of the seminars are to encourage public involvement, through local government administrative authorities, the police, women's organisations and religious representatives, to be part of collective efforts to reduce domestic violence which continues to prevail across the entire territory of Timor Leste. It is also essential to raise awareness about the impact of domestic violence on the victims against whom it is perpetrated as well as its impact on national development.

“The Police, the local authorities, the church and other relevant NGOs are strategic partners in eradicating domestic violence in the community. Therefore, a crucial step is to engage in efforts to strengthen institutional links with the aforementioned entities” said the Executive Director of JSMP, Luis de Oliveira Sampaio in a press release on 16 August 2012.

JSMP had also organised training for young wome in remote areas on 8-9 August 2012 that was facilitated by JSMP staff and the coordinator of the Women’s Justice Unit (WJU) in Lifau Village, Pante Makasar Sub-District, Oecusse District.

This training also focused on the Law Against Domestic Violence as well as the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code from a gender perspective.

“This training was crucial in raising the understanding of the group of young women, especially for those who have responsibility in the village, in order to extend their knowledge and enable them to disseminate information to other youths” said Luis Oliveira Sampaio, Executive Director of JSMP ina press release on 16/08/2012.  

Lifau Village Chief said after the training that “we value the initiative of JSMP in providing this training program because it can facilitate the understanding of our youth and can help reduce domestic violence in our village”.

JSMP hopes that this type of training can continue to strengthen people's understanding in remote areas, especially to help them understand how to handle cases that are linked to gender based violence.

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