04 August 2012

StumbleUpon now available on all ETLJB Posts

Support ETLJB through StumbleUpon - We have today added the StumbleUpon badge to all posts on the East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin. You can now support ETLJB and help us to disseminate news about legal issues and reports in Timor-Leste by clicking on the StumbleUpon badge on any posts that you think are of exceptional interest.

When you click on the StumbleUpon badge, you will be directed to the StumbleUpon web site. You then have to register to become a member of StumbleUpon by registering or signing in with your Facebook account.

StumbleUpon also allows you to find information on the internet about subjects that interest you.

As you know, ETLJB is a free Timor-Leste legal news portal - the only one of its kind on the entire internet dedicated exclusively to legal information and news from Timor-Leste in English. Through StumbleUpon, ETLJB will be found by more people all over the world and raise awareness of the legal issues that impact on the life of the community and the State.

We would be very grateful for your support through StumbleUpon. 

Support ETLJB by leaving a comment on a post - Another way you can support ETLJB is by leaving your commments on any of our posts so please feel free to leave a comment which you can do anonymously or by adding a link to your website. Please note that spam comments and links will not be published.

Share ETLJB posts on your own blog, Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus - You can also re-blog our posts, or share them on your Twitter or Facebook accounts or by the Google Plus buttons at the foot of each post.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We hope that you find ETLJB of interest.

 Warren L. Wright BA LLB Dip Leg Prac

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