11 August 2012

World Association of Community Broadcasters Condemns Attack on Timor Leste Reporter

East Timor Legal News 11/08/2012 Source: AMARC August 10, 2012, Kathmandu. Radio broadcaster Leoneto da Cruz Goncalves of Community Radio Rakambia of Timor Leste was stabbed today at 5:45AM by two unidentified persons riding on motorcycles at Farol in front of Timor-Leste's Anti-Corruption Commission office. He was stabbed in the stomach but was able to walk to Radio Rakambia station to get help from his colleague Jeronimo dos Santos, who took him to Guido Valadares National Hospital where he received surgery. Motive behind the attack remains unknown and police are investigating.

World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, has expressed shock and anger over the incident. It joins members and staff of Radio Rakambia, as well as family and friends of Leoneto in wishing him a speedy recovery.

AMARC demands a thorough examination of the incident and calls upon the authorities in East Timor to bring the culprits to justice and ensure safety of media persons. "I call on the authorities to bring to justice the perpetrators," AMARC Asia Pacific President Ashish Sen said. "Attacking media workers equates media silencing. Democracy needs freedom of expression."

Earlier, Maica Lagman, Deputy Present of AMARC Asia Pacific communicated with the station manager of Radio Rakambia soon after the incident and is closely following the events unfolding.

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