24 August 2012

Court hears that suspicious husband beats wife every day

East Timor Legal News 24/08/2012 ETLJB The Dili District Court has head a case (case number 0301/11) on 28 June last in which a woman claimed that she has endured daily beatings by her husband for years because he suspects that she is seeing another man. .

In giving evidence to the Court, the victim declared that “every time he is drunk he slaps me in the face, punches my guts, and beats me with an iron rod”.

The defendand accused his wife of committing adultery while he was at work.

“I explained to him I was his wife and that I would never do any of these things he was accusing me of,” said the victim.  She stated that she was forbidden by her husband to sit at the front of their home or speak to anyone while he was at work.

“He wants me to stay inside all the time, I am not allowed to talk to young men who are our neighbours and if he sees me talking to them he accuses me of adultery,” said the victim.

The defendant made a statement admitting to beating his wife because he suspected her of adultery.

“I am suspicious of her because of the influence of my friends and family who do not like my wife and I believed in them blindingly and when I remember their accusations I became so angry I just wanted to beat her up,” said the perpetrator.

She eventually fled the home leaving her children and sought refuge at her parents’ house.

The judge adjourned the case to 10 July to sentence the husband for his crimes of domestic violence.

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