10 August 2012

Civil society does not agree with the ex-prisoner's involvement in Government

East Timor Legal News 10/08/2012 Source: Radio Timor-Leste August 9, 2012 -  Civil society does not agree with an ex-prisoner's to involvement in the fifth government constitutional because the Constitution prohibits former prisoners from taking part in the government.

Executive Director of the Judicial System Monitoring program (JSMP) Luis Oliveira Sampaio said he did not agree with ex-prisoner Jaime Lopes being appointed to take part in the government as a Secretary of State for Land and Property in the fifth constitutional government.

Sampaio added based on the constitution, former prisoners should not assume important positions in the government because it was banned by the constitution of the republic.

ETLJB Editor's Note: Jaime Lopes, a former leader of one of East Timor’s largest martial arts group PSHT was jailed for six months by UN police in 2007 for his role in the 2006 violence. Some 400 homemade weapons were found in his home. Today he runs the government’s land and property department.

See further  See also Note 71 in Timor Leste Armed Violence Assessment October 2008 Dealing with the kilat Nonetheless, PSHT’s leader, Jaime Lopes, was arrested, along with dozens of his members, on 30 January 2007, in a combined raid by FPU, ISF, and UNPol forces. A large number of weapons were seized in the raid, including firearms, ammunition and Molotov cocktails citing Scambary, James. 2007. Disaffected Groups and
Social Movements in East Timor. AusAID Commissioned report. 12 January. Unpublished.

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