10 August 2012

Breaking News - Radio Reporter stabbed in stomach 3 times

East Timor Legal News 10 August 2012 Today 10 august 2012 Radio Rakambia reporter Leoneto da Cruz Goncalves, was stabbed by two unidentified persons who were riding motorbikes at Farol in front of the Anti Corruption Commission office at around 5:45 am. Leoneto was able to walk to the Radio Rakambia studio at kampung Alor to seek help from his colleague and presenter Jeronimo dos Santos who took him to the Guido Valadares National Hospital (HNGV).

He suffered stab wounds to his stomach perferating his intestines in three places and he is being operated at this time at HNGV.

The motive for the attack is still unknown to Leoneto da Cruz Goncalves himself, and Timor-Leste national Police are making inquiries in their investigations.

For further information please contact Eurico Pereira - Mobile +670 77243674 Email: radiorakambia@gmail.com
Original Source in Tetum: 10 Augustus 2012 reporter Radio Rakambia Leoneto Da Cruz Goncalves, hetan sona husi ema deskoinesidu nain rua ho motor iha farol parte CAC nia oin, maijumenus oras besik tuku 05.45 dader, depois de ne Leoneto obriga an lao to’o studio Radio Rakambia kampung Alor hodi husu aijuda ba nian kolega presenter Jeronimo do Santos hodi lori ba iha Hospital Nasional Guidu Valdares no iha akuntesementu ne rasik rejulta kanek iha parte kabun no teoan kuak tolu no oras ne daudaun Leoneto hetan atendementu operasaun iha sala operasoens Hospital Guido Valadares.

Motivu husi akuntesementu ne rasik Leoneto Da Cruz Goncalves la hatene, no policia nasional distritu Dili husu ona informasaun hodi halao investigasaun.

Ba informasaun klaru bele kontaktu Eurico Pereira - Hand Phone; +670 77243674 – E.mail; radiorakambia@gmail.com

Eurico Pereira Direktur Radio Rakambia Street Kampung Alor Dili E-mail; radiorakambia@gmail.com
Hand Phone; +670 77243674

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