19 August 2012

Relationship between Police and Secretary of State for Security needs improvement

East Timor Legal News 19 August 2012 According the East Timorese security and defence monitoring NGO, Fundasaun Mahein (FM), the Government must act to improve the relationship between the General Command of the East Timor National Police and the State Secretary for Security which in the past has been less than optimal.

“The new PNTL was sworn in on March 27, 2009; since then the relationship with the Secretariat of State for Security has not been a good one,” criticised FM Executive Director Nelson Belo, (06/08), in Balide, Dili. He asked the new Government to strengthen the relationship with the PNTL to improve the institution in the future.

However, Commander General Commissioner Afonso de Jesus said he personally believed the relationship between the two entities was solid.

“I can personally say we have a good relationship with the SES, with regards to PNTL needs, we continue to do our job, so I don’t think there is a problem ,” said Commissioner de Jesus.

According to him, the SE must address the needs of the PNTL, so whenever there are any issues, PNTL informs the SES, maybe in some places there has not been much of a change, “but this is the reality, not because there is lack of coordination between PNTL and SES,” he said.

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