14 August 2012

Timor-Leste Will Buy More Guns?

East Timor Legal News Source: Fundasaun Mahein, 13 August 2012 Press Release - In March 2011 Indonesian media reported that Timor-Leste was to receive export credits for the procurement of weapons from PT PINDAD. On 23 March 2011 the Interior Minister of Indonesia confirmed an agreement to export weapons to Timor-Leste.

Weapons procurement is a sensitive subject. During UNTAET the government of Timor-Leste procured a large number of Glock 9mm pistols for the PNTL and a stock of M16s for the F-FDTL.

Other issues can occur with the government-procured weapons. Most recently, as reported by Tempo Semanal on August 2012, the PNTL purchased five faulty PM2 submachine guns from PT PINDAD. The ultra-powerful guns failed to work during a training session on Saturday, 4 August 2012.

Secretary of State for Security Francisco Guterres has denied responsibility in the matter, pointing the finger instead at PNTL General Commander Monteiro, but Fundasaun Mahein (FM) wonders why the police are in charge of procuring their own weapons at all? We are disappointed in the Secretary of State for Security for washing his hands of the matter so summarily. Is this not a major security issue that submachine guns – which really are not necessary in the protection of Timorese civilians – are being imported into the communities of Timor-Leste?

FM is disappointed in both the Secretary of State and the Commander General of the PNTL in pointing fingers at one another on responsibility for the faulty weapons. With a clear process of oversight, transparent to civilians, there would be clear indications on why submachine guns had been ordered, or how the gun company had been chosen. It would increase accountability and would incentivize a smoother-running, safer country.

The public also has a right to know for what purpose we need more guns. This is particularly true if the current batch of guns are still working and the government money could be directed to more effective things, such as PNTL management training or a more comprehensive weapons auditing system.

Perhaps this is a question of state secrecy. But in that case, why does the Indonesian public or media know more than the Timorese public about weapons coming into Timor-Leste? Why is our government not informing their own media?

Fundasaun Mahein’s recommendation:

• Fundasaun Mahein (FM) recommends that the Minister of Defense and Security consistently, transparently inform the Timorese public about the ongoing process by which the government buys new weapons and disposes of the old weapons.

• FM recommends that the Minister of Defense and Security place the responsibility of weapons procurement for the state with a state organization, rather than a private company. The process should be driven by studies to determine the optimal weapons type and weapons numbers for community policing. The state organization should report to parliament rather than to the military or police, who should not be purchasing their own weapons.

• Parliament Committee B should closely monitor the procurement process.

• Minister of Defense and Security should conduct an annual transparent audit of all weapons currently in possession of the PNTL and F-FDTL, as well as any new weapons to be procured in the future.
Timor-Leste Sei Sosa Kilat Barak Tan? Fundasaun Mahein, 13 Agusto 2012 Komunikadu Imprenza - Liu husi Mahein Nia Hanoin Lisuk ne’e deskute klean kona-ba kilat tuan sira ne’ebé agora daudauk iha instituisaun siguransa nian sei problematiku hela no públiku sei konfuzaun hela ho kilat sira ne’ebé lakon iha krize 2006 nia paradeiru maibé govenu kontinua sosa kilat. Iha fulan Marsu 2011 Media Indonezia fo sai katak Timor-Leste sei hetan kreditu ekspo ka deve osan husi Indonezia atu sosa kilat husi PT PINDAD. Iha loron 23 Marsu 2011 Ministru interna Repúblika Indonezia nian afirma katak iha ona konkordansia ho Timor-Leste atu fo exporta kilat ba Timor-Leste.

Prokuramentu ba kilat buat ida ne’ebé sensitivu. Durante UNTAET pistola Glock 9 mm barak los ita sosa ba PNTL no prokuramentu kilat M16 ba F-FDTL. Depois ita restaura tiha independensia Timor-Leste dahuluk liu sosa kilat rasik iha tinan 2004 iha momentu eis Ministru Interior Rogeiro Lobato iha governu FRETILIN nia ukun importa kilat HK33, Steyr ho F2000 ba PNTL Unidade Espesial. Istoria kona-bá kilat importa iha momentu ne’e iha debate públiku oituan, maske públiku tauk los no iha deskomfiansa ba pontensia uza ho ho maneja sala kilat sira ne’e. Tinan rua liu deit, iha tinan 2006, barak los kilat husi polisia nia kilat monu iha ema sivil nia liman no halo sofre ema inosente barak mate no terus.

PNTL sosa kilat lima PM2 husi PT PINDAD. Nia ultra-forsa nian hosi kilat ne’e la funsiona durante uza halo treinamentu iha loron 4 Agustu 2012. Hanesan mos kilat importa seluk tama iha Timor-Leste, total kilat seluk husi kilat lima ne’ebé tama mai Timor-Leste kontinua sai misteriu. Hetok aat liu maka kilat ne’e tama mai iha aeru portu autoridade sira iha aeru portu labele halo revista ba konteiner sira ne’e no Komandante Jeral PNTL Longuinhos Monteiro protestu atu konteiner kilat sira ne’e ba lalais PNTL nia liman.

Iha biban ida ne’e Sekretariu Estadu ba Siguransa Francisco Guterres deklara katak la’os nia responsabilidade maibé ne’e submete Komandante Jeral Monteiro nia responsabilidade. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) kestiona tanba sa maka responsabilidade ne’e dun ba mai no SES lolos asumi nia responsabilidade ho diak maibé fase liman ba prokuramentu kilat ne’e? FM lamenta ho SES hodi uza polítika fase liman kona-bá kilat ne’e no halo públiku deskonfia.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) fiar katak kona-bá prokuramentu kilat nia tenke involve aspetu barak husi estadu nian atu sosa kilat ba instituisaun siguransa sira. La’os prokuramentu kilat fo fali ba institusaun PNTL rasik maka kaer. FM komprende katak lolos prokuramentu ba kilat ne’e responsabilidade Ministru Defeza ho Siguransa ne’ebé bazeia ba planu no estudu la’os fo ba instituisaun sosa tuir gostu deit.

Fundasaun Mahein lamenta ho SES tanba responsabilidade dudu ba mai kona-bá sosa kilat ne’e. Ho prosesu ne’ebé klaru, transparante ba ema sivil sira, maka sei iha indikasaun ida ne’ebé klaru kona-bá monitorizasaun husi ema sivil sira. Ho ida ne’e maka sei haforsa akontibilidade husi nasaun ba nia sidadaun sira.

Maibé, prokuramentu ba kilat nian iha Timor-Leste públiku ladun debate tanba lahatene, no ida ne’e sei hamosu risku kona-bá fiar nian ba responsabilidade ba sira ne’ebé involve sosa kilat mai Timor-Leste. Los duni, haforsa nasaun presiza duni kilat, maibé tenke hatene nia total hira no nia tipu oinsa no seluk-seluk tan. Hirak ne’e hotu tenke sai hotu públiku nia interese no públiku tenke involve iha diskusaun kona-bá sosa kilat nian.


Tanba ne’e Fundasaun Mahein (FM) rekomenda katak:

Kilat tuan sira ne’ebé agora daudauk iha instituisaun siguransa nian sei problematiku hela maibé governu kontinua sosa kilat. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) rekomenda katak governu tenke harii kompañia estatal ka empreza públiku (EP) ida ne’ebé halo importasaun rasik ba kilat, no harii armajem propria ida ba kilat sira ne’ebé hola no bele garante manejementu kilat ida ne’ebé hatur iha lei no kontrolu ne’ebé diak no involve direitamente husi Ministériu Defeza no Siguransa inklui Parlamentu Nasional Komisaun B ne’ebé nia papel fiskalizador.

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