08 August 2012

Murdered woman's body found in front of apartment block in Dili

East Timor Legal News 08 August 2012 Source: The Dili Weeily 07/08/2012 Written by Venidora Oliveira - The National Police PNTL Criminal Investigations Services (SIC) are currently investigating the homicide that occurred in Paradise Malinamuk Apartments, Kampung Baru, Comoro, Dili.

“It is clearly homicide, Marcelina Pereira was murdered at the Paradise Malinamuk Apartments in Kampung Baru, but we are still investigating the case,” said SIC Director General Chief Calisto Gonzaga recently from his office iha Caicoli, Dili.

The Director said the incident took place at night on the 12 July 2012. The suspect had picked up the victim from her house to go for a ride, but her family later heard her body had been dumped in front of the apartments.

The owners of the apartment found the body in front of the apartments and reported immediately to the police. The suspect is under arrest at Becora prison, Dili, awaiting legal process.

Member of Parliament (MP) Virginia Ana Belo said this was a crime and relevant authorities should see to it that it did not go unpunished.

“I believe this is a crime, as according to our Constitution no one has the right to take any one else’s life, so the person should be prosecuted according to the law,” said the MP.

She added by saying young women should really know their prospective partners before dating and have the sense to protect themselves.

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