17 August 2012

Three Sections of RI-Timor Leste Border Still Disputed

Indonesia-East Timor borders
East Timor Legal News 17 August 2012 Source: TEMPO Interactive, Kupang Thursday, 16 August, 2012 | 18:40 WIB - :Leader of the integrated team on National Border Management, TH Susetyo, says three segments of the state border between Indonesia and Timor Leste are still disputed.

"There are three segments of the border that both countries have not agreed upon," he told reporters in Kupang on Wednesday.

The first segment is in Noelbesi Citrana, North Netemnanu village, East Amfoang, Kupang regency, which borders Oecusee District, Timor Leste, with rice fields along the Noelbesi river.

"This segment was discussed two years ago, but no agreement was reached between the two countries so it was decided that the status of the land was a neutral zone," he said.

The second segment is in Bijaelsunan, Oben, in North Central Timor regency bordering with Oecusee District.

The third segment is located on Delomil Memo, Belu regency, which borders with Bobonaro district.

According to him, discussions on the disputed areas must be continued. The process should include traditional leaders and community leaders from both regions before the matter is discussed bilaterally, he said.

In connection to the border-related conflicts in Haumeni Ana, North Central Timor, his team recommends involving traditional leaders and the surrounding communities. "The results of a review on the ground can be used as the material and data to settle the boundaries between the states," he said.

Another recommendation that will be presented, among others, includes paying attention to development in the border region, such as the development of infrastructure, health facilities, education and the local economy. "This is necessary to prevent social inequalities at the border," he said.

Governor of NTT Frans Lebu Raya confirmed the three sections of the border were still disputed and would take a long time to resolve. "We hope the central government will soon resolve the disputed boundaries," he said.

The 17-member integrated team under TH Susetyo has been observing the location of the border conflict in the village of Haumeni Ana, Bikomi Nailulat district, North Central Timor (TTU) regency, since Monday.

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