06 August 2012

V Constitutional Government of Timor Leste Finalised List of Ministers

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao

MInister Presidency of Council of Ministers Hermenegild Pereira Alves

Deputy PM for Social welfare and Sport Fernado Lasama de Araujo

Minister of Finance Emilia Pires

Minister for Foreign Affairs Jose Luis

MInister of State Administration Jorge Teme

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Mariano ASSANAMI Sabino

MInister of Justice Dionisio Babo

Minister of Health Sergio Lobo

Minister of Education Bendito Freitas

Minister of Commerce, Industry and Environment Antonio da Conceicao

Minister Social Solidarity Isabel Guterres

Minister Public Works Gastao Sousa

Minister for Transportation and Telecomunication: Pedro Lay

Minister for Defence and Security Domingas Fernades Alves

Minister for Natural Resources Alfredo Pires

Minister of Tourism Francisco KALBUADI Lay

There are an additional eleven posts for Vice Ministers and 25 Secretaries of State.

This makes a total of 53 members of the Government.

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