23 September 2008

Analysis of the Social Problem of Gambling in East Timor

The problem of illegal gambling in East Timor has recently been the subject of some press coverage in the country. See, for example Legal Reports National Media 18 September 2008 and Police conduct operation against illegal gambling in Dili.

Today (23 September 2008), East Timor Law Journal begins publishing a series of research reports generated under the University of San Francisco School of Law Center for Law and Global Justice Legislative Drafting Initiative conducted in East Timor from 2003 - 2004 under the auspices of The Asia Foundation's Access to Justice Program in East Timor.

In relation to the social problem of gambling in East Timor, one of the civil society groups constituted under the Legislative Drafting Initiative, Group F Health, Social Affairs, Labour and Solidarity, applied the Legislative Drafting for Democratic Social Transformation methodology to the issue of gambling and produced a research report.

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