19 September 2008

East Timor Security Update 27 Aug - 9 Sept 2008

SECURITY UPDATE Source: Joint NGO Security Office and UNMIT)

The overall security situation in Timor-Leste remained calm. Of note is the following:

• Between 27 August and 9 September, 77 incidents were recorded across Timor-Leste. UNPOL made 72 arrests. The level of incidents remains constant from the last reporting period.

• The weapons collection campaign finished on 31 August. The campaign collected over 18,000 weapons, almost all were homemade weapons along with a limited number of air guns. Reportedly only one industrial firearm was recovered.

• Reportedly all F-FDTL personnel have been withdrawn from Ermera/Bobonaro.

• On 8 September in Wailill village in Baucau district, four houses were set on fire. No injuries were reported. It is believed that this was as a result of a local land dispute and is not expected to escalate.

• On 19 August, a 14 year old Timorese child was injured after playing with an Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) at the F-FDTL training range in Metinaro (this incident happened during the last reporting period but no information was available at the time).

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