10 September 2008

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Ombudsman criticizes Government for not considering its recommendations on corruption cases - Televizaun Timor-Leste 9 September 2008
East Timor's Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman criticized the government for not taking into consideration its recommendations relating to maladministration and corruption cases found within the government's institutions.

Sebastiao Dias Ximenes made the statement during a press conference held by the office of Ombudsman Tuesday (9/9) in Dili. Mr Ximenes added that the office of the Ombudsman urged the government to take disciplinary measures but the government and its institutions failed to do so against the individual involved in the practices of maladministration and corruption.

'According to the law, they have to implement the recommendations of the PDHJ,' he said. Out of the 14 cases, eleven of them involve maladministration and corruption whereas the rest relates to human rights violations by government institutions. Mr Ximenes explained the cases of maladministration were found in the ministries of finance, state administration and foreign affairs.

Don't expect the result of Feb. 11 investigation yet, says AG - Diario Nacional 10 September 2008
East Timor's Attorney General Longuinhos Monteiro said the investigation into the February 11 attempt which is done in Australia is not yet conclusive. 'To date there is no result yet in the case of the February 11 attempt against Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and President Ramos Horta,' said Monteiro.

However, he declined to make further comments about the process of the investigation as the investigation itself is still ongoing. Mr Monteiro recently visited Australia to learn about the process of the investigation carried out by the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Image: Longuinhos Monteiro

Ministry of Social Solidarity to investigate the case of human trafficking in Oecusse - Televizaun Timor-Leste 9 September 2008
The Ministry of Social Solidarity has been alarmed by a media report yesterday that a family in Oecusse district was forced to sell its child to pay its huge loans imposed by a micro-credit organization.

Minister Maria Domingas Alves said that her ministry had taken necessary measures to conduct investigation into the case as it is a classic example of human trafficking. On Monday, TVTL reported that there was a family selling a child for US$29,000 in order to pay back loans to an NGO called 'Moris Rasik'. A representative of the UNICEF in Dili said the organisation is not aware of the case and urged the protection of children. The leadership of the NGO in question said it is also trying to gather information about the case.

Ex-SRSG congratulates Xanana's Govt - Diario Nacional10 September 2008
A professor of the Hosey University in Tokyo, Japan, Sukehiro Hassegawa, who is also a former Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General in East Timor congratulated the AMP government led by Xanana Gusmao because of its efforts to start transforming and changing Timor-Leste into a stable and peaceful country.

'I congratulate and am delighted to see Timor-Leste reemerge as a stable and peaceful country after the February 11,' said Hassegawa Tuesday (9/9) at Hotel Timor, Dili. However, Hassegawa added in order to further maintain the level of stability and peace in the country, the government has to focus its attention onnational development such as the provision of basic services, a society free of corruption, rural and agricultural development, laws on land and property, and security and judicial system reforms.

F-FDTL to use Portuguese Army's equipment - Radio Timor-Leste, 10 September 2008
East Timor's Secretary of the State for Defence Julio Tomas Pinto said Tuesday (9/9) that 21 members of the East Timor's Defence Force (F-FDTL) who take part in a CPLP joint military exercise would have to use Portuguese Army equipment. Mr Pinto said that the Defence Ministry had come to an agreement with the Portuguese government to let the F-FDTL members using their equipment during the joint military exercise held in Alverio, Lisbon (Portugal). He explained that such agreement had to be made given that the distance to be traveled by the members is too far to make them carry along with them their equipment.

Timor-Leste to use Aussie patrol boats - Radio Timor-Leste, 10 September 2008
Secretary of the State for Defense Julio Tomas Pinto said Tuesday (9/9) East Timor is considering using two Australian patrol boats to deal with recurring illegal fishing in the national maritime territory of East Timor until our own patrol boats arrived. Mr Pinto made the statement in relation to a proposal to be discussed during Wednesday's (10/9) Council of Ministers meeting. He added that there is also the possibility of hiring these boats to curb illegal fishing by foreign nationals in the maritime areas belonging to East Timor.

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