15 September 2008

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217 UNPOL posted in Dili – Diario Nacional 15 September 2008
Dili District PNTL’s Acting Commander sub-inspector Delfim da Silva said that there are about 217 United Nations Police (UNPOL) posted in the district of Dili. He added, UNPOL are working closely with the National Police in doing patrolling. Da Silva said generally Dili is back to normal though there are still sporadic skirmishes in the district.

UN urged for adoption of law on domestic violence – Diario Nacional 15 September 2008

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General in East Timor, Atul Khare, said during a women's congress in Dili that as a developing country East Timor should adopt a penal code in relation to domestic violence in order to reduce violence against women in their life time.

According to Khare, domestic violence against women is a violation against fundamental human rights. He then encouraged the National Parliament to quickly start the legislative process of the law. In relation to the question, Fernando Lasama de Araujo said the National Parliament would remind the government to process again the law to be approved by the National Parliament.

Image: Atul Khare, United Nations Secretary General Special Representative to East Timor

Horta: Woodside should stop being too big mouth – Timor Post 15 September 2008
East Timor's President Jose Ramos Horta said Friday (12/9) Woodside Company should stop being too big mouth by claiming that the pipelines from the Greater Sunrise would be taken to Darwin, Australia because the decision on whether to land the pipelines in Darwin or in Timor would be determined by technical and commercial factors. “I therefore ask the Woodside Company not be big mouthed because this has to be in line with technical and commercial data; there should no unilateral decision,” he said.

Horta also said he had not get any information from the country's Prime Minister if there was any discussion on pipeline issues during his current visit to Australia. However, he stressed he is firm on his position, the position he previously held when he was still the country's Foreign Minister. He said that leaders of the country are united in defending the legitimate national interests to bring pipelines to East Timor. “Any big county should not impose their own decisions, neither should any big oil companies,” Horta said. He said, often times big companies make a lot of money but they contribute almost nothing to East Timor. Horta also said he had no friendship relationship with oil companies.

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