25 September 2008

East Timor National Parliament to initiate anti corruption law

Suara Timor Lorosae 24 September 2008 - The second Vice President of the National Parliament Maria Paixao said Monday (22) that in order to fight and eradicate corruption in the country the parliament would urgently initiate a draft law on anti corruption.

'The National Parliament also sees that it is extremely urgent to initiate a draft of anti corruption law and to be urgently approved by the same parliament enabling the judiciary system to start prosecuting those involved in corruption,' Paixao said.

She also encouraged the office of Prosecutor General to courageously do their functions in eradicating corruption in the country regardless of mounting threats against the office.

She stressed that she is in favor of the establishment of the new anti corruption commission by the government and urged the office of Ombudsman to specifically focus on the issue of human rights.

Meanwhile, Estanislau Aleixo da Silva, an MP from FRETILIN, said that the office of Prosecutor General should take necessary legal measures against those who threaten the office via telephone because the law permits the office to have access to the telecommunication system.

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