22 September 2008

Legal News Full Reports 22 September 2008

TL still needs ISF and UNPOL, says PM - Diario Nacional 22 September 2008
Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao affirmed that the International Stabilisation Forces (ISF) and the United Nations Police (UNPOL) would maintain their presence in the country because Timor still needed many things from them.

The Head of the Executive made the statement after a meeting with his counterpart Australian Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon here Friday (19/9) in relation to the contradictory statements made about the presence of the ISF and UNPOL in the country. He also said that Timor-Leste still needs the presence of the International Stabilisation Forces because if undesirable things happened, it would be hard to call them back.

He also reiterated that the presence of the ISF and UNPOL were needed here to help the security and defence sector reforms. Gusmao stated that Australia is a long-term partner of East Timor.

Image: East Timor Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao

Government vows not to intimidate the future anti-corruption commission - Diario Nacional 22 September 2008
Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao reaffirmed Friday (19/9) the commitment of his Government that there would be no intimidation against the future anti-corruption commission because the commission itself would not be responsible to his office.

If the anti corruption commission were under the Prime Minister, that would be the case; however, what we are preparing is that the commissioners would be elected by the Parliament, like the Ombudsman, said Xanana.

During the conference, the ousted Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri argued to simply strengthen the existing systems such as the Ombudsman's Office and the office of the Inspector General, instead of creating a new anti corruption commission.

The Director of Human Rights and Justice (HAK) Association, Jose Luis Oliveira said the establishment of the new anti corruption commission would weaken the existing bodies dealing with corruption. He also said that one condition to put in place in relation to combating corruption was a law on public access to information. Meanwhile, the office of Ombudsman is reported as saying that the office is fully committed to serving the interest of the people in fighting corruption regardless of the huge challenges it faces.

Australian Defense Minister Fitzgibbon said Australia is always willing to help the security and defense sectors of the country. He also said that Australia could help the training of the F-FDTL and PNTL if it was asked by the Government.

We are threatened, says deputy prosecutor general - Timor Post 22 September 2008
Deputy Prosecutor General, Ivo Jorge Valente, said they had been threatened by certain people through telephone during the process of handling corruption cases.

Valente recognized certain people had threatened them when they talked about corruption practices in the country. Valente said although they were threatened, yet they had always consulted with Timorese Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman and Inspectorate General on the issue.

He added the Public Prosecution had also investigated a corruption case in Oecusse district that had been tried in the court and the verdict was successfully taken.

Xanana Gusmao pleased with martial art clubs - Suara Timor Lorosae 22 September 2008
Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has called on martial art clubs in the capital Dili to strengthen peace and stability in the country.

The prime minister made the call yesterday during a speech marking the ceremony for commemorating the World Peace Day, falling on (21/9). Gusmao said he was pleased with the martial art clubs who had spent their time to join a peaceful long march held yesterday in Dili. 'I am pleased because today the martial art clubs are taking part in this event and this is showing that the martial art clubs want to create peace and stability in the country.'

East Timor's situation is far better than other countries' says PM - Diario Nacional 22 September 2008
Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao said Sunday (21/9) that the country's situation was better than the situation of other countries because the level of violence that occurred were not as high as other countries' level of violence.

'I believe that the international community would agree with me on this' he said during the commemoration of international peace day here. Xanana stressed that the state of Timor-Leste should not be swayed by the relatively calm situation in the country because the people of the country deserve to live in a country where there was freedom and no violence.

'The Timorese people deserve to live in a community where is no fear about the security, in a community where there is no rush to avoid themselves from being victims of violence,' said Gusmao. He said the 2006 crises, the IDPs and the attack of February 11 represent red records in the sense of conquering a long-standing peace in the country.

However, he highlighted, the people were happy now as the current government has succeeded in halting the circles of violence and in finding peaceful solutions to some of the conflict-related issues.

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