12 September 2008

Legal Reports National Media 12 September 2008

FRETILIN does not deny Xanana's struggle: Mari Alkatiri – Diario Nacional 12 September 2008

FRETILIN's Secretary General Mari Bin Amude Alkatiri said Thursday (11/9) FRETILIN does not deny the current Xanana Gusmao's struggle for Timor-Leste's independence. “History remains history. We should not deny history. Those who deny history are those who want to deny the contribution of FRETILIN. Unless FRETILIN contributed, they or even all of us would have been called Ibu or Bapak,” said Alkatiri.

Alkatiri said the transformation of the ASDT to FRETILIN marked the beginning of national unity, not by the current Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao. However, once Xanana Gusmao took charge of the resistance he did work also on national unity and therefore Alkatiri urged everyone not to deny this fact. Alkatiri added that peace rally would be done soon and if there was any violence occurred during the rally he would resign from his position as secretary general of the party.
Among the distinguished guests present were Atul Khare, ambassadors of Cuba, China, Brazil, Portugal, and others. Prominent national leaders such as Francisco Xavier do Amaral and the President of the Democratic Alliance Manuel Tilman also seen among the guests. Around one thousand militants of the party took party in the commemoration of the transformation of ASDT into FRETILIN.

PM to suspend police involved in cock fighting – Suara Timor Lorosae 12 September 2008
The Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Security affirmed Thursday (11/9) that he would suspend the members of the PNTL who were involved in illegal gambling, including cock fighting. He said that based on his personal observations, many inspectors and agentswere involved in cock fighting and other illegal gambling and this affects their economic lives. “I do not want to hear of an agent, let alone an inspector, to be taking part in any cock fighting event,” said Gusmao.

Arson case of customs office heard – Timor Post 12 September 2008
Dili District Court on Thursday (11/9) started its hearing for the suspects who set fire to the office of East Timor's Customs during the 2006 crisis.

The five suspects believed to be involved in the act of arson presented to the court were Eugenio Candido Alves, Juliao Soares, Orlando Marques, Deolindo F. da Silva and Raimundo da Cruz. Elizio Guterres, a security guard of the office who witnessed the event told the court that Eugenio is the main actor in the arson case. The other four suspects were acquitted as there was no witnesses against them.

The decision of the court is to be handed down on 2 October 2008. According to the law, the maximum sentence for an arsonist is eight years in prison.

Government to cancel veterans housing projects – Timor Post 12 September 2008
The State Secretary for Former Combatants and Veterans Affairs, Marito Reis, said the government is going to cancel housing projects for veterans in 10 districts of East Timor because the contractors could not meet the deadline for transferring the houses to the government. “We had a meeting to cancel the housing construction for veterans in 10 districts,” said Reis.

In nine districts, the housing construction has reached 80% of its completion. However, in Viqueque, the project has been abandoned and the construction in Aileu could not proceed as there was no agreement reached with the contractor. In four districts (Dili, Manufahi, Liquica and Manatuto) the resettlement housing for veterans had been 100 % completed.

PM wants to speedily acquire PNTL patrol boats – Suara Timor Lorosae 12 September 2008
Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao urged the Secretary of State for Security to quickly buy patrol boats for the National Police as the budget for the item is not yet executed. “Why the money to buy boats is not yet executed?” asked Gusmao. Gusmao added, “Data should be gathered now so that the money can be executed soon.”

He said that the ministry had to buy the boats this year and that they could not wait until next year to do the purchase. Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Guterres, said that the ministry planned to acquire boats from Australia. However, the purchase has not been done yet because the money appropriated for the item is not enough.

According the secretary of state, the shipping company has now asked for an increase of the original price between US$ 63 up to US$97 millions.

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