29 September 2008

East Timor: Land and Biofuel

Timor, Land, and Biofuel - Tim Anderson Tim Anderson, lecturer in Political Economy at Sydney University has researched land tenure and ownership in the South Pacific, Latin America, and more recently, East Timor.

He recently published a report about the implications of an Indonesian Biofuel project the AMP government signed onto recently.

He cites pressures on the government of East Timor recently, to change the Constitution allowing foreigners to buy and sell land in East Timor.

Some of Timor's political leaders appear to be wavering in their original intent to keep Timorese soil in Timorese hands.

And is it just coincidence that USAID and AUSAID have recently launched a US$500,000 project to establish who owns what land in East Timor?

Traditional communal ownership of land could suffer in the growing push for privatisation.

See further: Community Rights to Customary Land in East Timor post on ETLJB which includes links to other posts about the land issue in East Timor.

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