27 September 2008

Land Rights in East Timor - Policy Analysis and Draft Law

ETLJ 27/09/2008 - The following reports are the legislative drafting for democratic social transformation analyses of the social problem of land rights in East Timor together with draft legislation produced by Civil Society Working Group A (Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Guarantees and Liberties) in the University of San Francisco School of Law Legislative Drafting Initiative in East Timor conducted in Dili during 2003-2004.

These reports and draft legislation are published on the East Timor Law Journal (ETLJ) in English, Indonesian and Portuguese (except a Portuguese translation of the draft land rights law) and may be read by clicking on the following links that will open word documents from ETLJ.

Analysis of the Social Problem of Land Rights Draft Land Rights Act

Analisis tentang Hak Atas Tanah Rancangan Undang Undang ttg Hak Atas Tanah

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