23 September 2008

East Timor National Parliament Plenary Session 22 September 2008

National Parliament
Secretariat of the Office of Public Relations
Agenda No 129/II

Plenary Session Tuesday 22 September 2008
Unofficial automated translation.

The plenary Session of today was presided over by the Second Vice President of the Parliament, Mrs. Deputy Maria Paixao, supported by the Secretary of the Table, Mrs. Deputy Maria Terezinha Viegas and Second Vice-Secretary, Mrs. Deputy Teresa Maria de Carvalho.

In the period of the agenda was scheduled the only matter:

Argument and voting of the Proposal of Law on Legislative Authorization in Penal Matters.

The President informed that onthis Wednesday, 23 of September 2008, Mr. Prime Minister is going to be present in the extraordinary plenary session to explain or respond to the scheduled matter. End.

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