25 September 2008

Prosecutor names Lere Annan Timur and Falur as suspect in 2006 crisis

Suara Timor Lorosae 24 September 2008 - Dili District Prosecution has named Timor-Leste Defense Force Chief of Staffs, Lere Annan Timur and Falur Rate Laek as suspects in the country's recent crises of 2006.

The prosecution's decision was made through notification to summon Lere Annan Timur and Falur Rate Laek to be questioned in the upcoming 29 September.

Lere Annan and Falur said they recognised the notification from the Prosecution Office, yet they were still yet to know about the reason why the Court had named them as suspects.

Lere Annan said he respected the notification and that he would cooperate with the Court and would respond it.

“I think justice is for all, we all are under the law and the Court has its power to ask whoever to respond it,” Lere Annan said.

ETLJB Editorial Notes:

Extract from the Report of the United Nations Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste (The 2006 Crisis) Prosecution Recommendations page 51:

The evidence relating to the unlawful movement, possession and use of F-FDTL weapons is described in paragraphs 95 and 96 and demonstrates that those weapons were distributed by and/or with the knowledge and approval of the following persons:

Roque Rodrigues
Taur Matan Ruak
Tito da Costa Cristovao, aka Lere Anan Timor
Manuel Freitas aka Mau Buti
Domingos Raul aka Rate Laek Falur.

The Commission recommends that these persons be prosecuted for illegal weapons transfer.
BBC Historic Day for East Timor 30 August 1999

'Historic' agreement

Commanders from the pro-independence rebel movement Falantil and leaders of militias opposed to cutting ties with Indonesia met on Sunday at the UN's headquarters in Dili to announce their accord.

At a press conference attended by Indonesian police and military, they pledged to keep their forces in designated areas and to accept the results of the ballot.

Eurico Guterres, commander of one of the pro-Indonesian militias, Aitarak, described the agreement as "historic", while Falantil leader Falur Rate Laek said it paved the way for a peaceful vote.

"We wanted this agreement so that the people in the mountains can come down and vote tomorrow," he said.

Rival militia leaders: All smiles on the eve of the poll.
Falur Rate Laek (left) with Eurico Guterres in 1999 at
the time of the autonomy referendum.

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