14 September 2008

UNMIT investigation into the shooting of Ramos-Horta 2008


The document presents the confidential results of an United Nations investigtion into the security response to the 11 Feb 2008 shooting of President Ramos Horta and rebel leader Alfredo Reinado. The report is the result of approximately 80 interviews that were conducted between 1-24 of April 2008.

Two example extracts:

17. The shooting started around 06:50 hrs. when an F-FDTL jeep coming from Metinaro was shot at from inside the Compound. The driver, an F-FDTL member on his way to Dili, was seriously wounded and his vehic1e crashed in the ditch alongside the road. Meanwhile, the President walking on his way back home was seen at the Caz Bar. The Senior Legal Advisor to the President, Paulo Dos Rem├ędios who lives in the area noticed that he-had two missed-calls on his mobile telephone - one from the President at 06:55 hrs. and one from the President's brother, Arsenio Horta, at 06:58 hrs.

31. According to witness accounts, Alfredo Reinado and his men were inside the President's Compound for at least 50 minutes before the F-FDTL soldier shot Reinado and one of his men. None of those present during that time, some 20 people including the eleven F-FDTL soldiers, relatives, IDPs and staff, notified the police or alerted the President of the armed intrusion into the Presidential Compound. The Panel notes they chose to inform their personal contacts of the shootings, rather than the police. A number of people outside the Compound reportedly heard gun shots between 06:47 hrs. and 06:59 hrs, when the NOC was first made aware of gunfire at the President's Compound

Full document at http://secure.wikileaks.org/wiki/UNMIT_investigation_into_the_shooting_of

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