26 September 2008

Australian police urged to arrest East Timor collaborator

Connie Levett Immigration Reporter SMH 26/09/2008 - GUY CAMPOS, the East Timorese man accused of high-level collaboration with the Indonesian military involving kidnapping and torture of East Timorese citizens during Indonesia's occupation, was convicted of "torture leading to death" of an 11-year-old boy, Francisco Ximenes, in 1979, according to newly uncovered East Timorese court documents.

The conviction was overturned within months in the Superior Court, in Kupang, across the border in West Timor.

Members of Australia's East Timorese community are campaigning to have Mr Campos, at present in Australia on a World Youth Day visa, arrested and tried for war crimes here. They say he will escape justice if he is allowed to return to East Timor.

Clinton Fernandes, principal analyst, East Timor, for Australia's intelligence corps in 1998-99, who saw the court documents in Dili last week, said the conviction was contained in a large court file on the death of the boy. The file is in the archives of East Timor's Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation.

Dr Fernandes said Mr Campos's role as a collaborator was to identify East Timorese for interrogation and torture by the Indonesian military, and that he participated in their "disappearances".

"The Australian embassy in Dili was presented with the [commission's] report in February 2006," Dr Fernandes said, "but, more than 2 ½ years later, they have never followed up by visiting the [commission] and asking for more information about war criminals."

He said the Immigration Department had a representative in the embassy, so it could have discovered details of Mr Campos's activities any time after February 2006.

Joanna Ximenes, the sister of the boy who died, said that on July 20 she alerted the Immigration Minister, the Attorney-General, Paul Lynch, the MP for Liverpool, the Prime Minister and the Department of Immigration Dob-In Line that Mr Campos had entered Australia.

On August 8 she gave a detailed statement to the federal police about Mr Campos' alleged role in her brother's death but has heard nothing since.

Dr Fernandes has also told the federal police of the role played by Mr Campos, who belonged to Satuan Tugas Intelijen - the intelligence taskforce/implementing body - in the Indonesian occupation of East Timor.

An Immigration Department spokesman said Mr Campos had not been convicted of any war crime and did not appear on a watch list, and that having referred the matter to the federal police, it could do nothing more. The existence of the court documents was first reported on Channel Seven's Today Tonight.

Mr Campos could not be reached for a response.

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