23 September 2008

Legal News Television and Radio Reports 22 September 2008

Police seize illegal beverages - Radio Timor-Leste 22 September 2008
Liquica District Police seized 150 boxes of illegal beverages on board a truck last Saturday in the town of Liquica.

Police District Commander, Inspector Afonso dos Santos said the police seized the illegal beverages from two businessmen who attempted to smuggle them into the capital, Dili. Dos Santos stressed those beverages were illegal because there were no supporting documents, such as an invoice from the Department of Customs.

The beverages with the trade mark known as 'General' were comprised of 100 boxes of beer and 50 boxes of wine.

Government postpones debate on the Penal Code: Deputy Parliamentary President - Radio Timor-Leste 22 September 2008
Deputy Parliamentary President Maria Paixao said the Minister for Planning and Finance, Emilia Pires, who was one the speakers in the Penal Code session in the national parliament had postponed attending the Parliament because she had to attend overseas meeting.

'Unfortunately we cannot hold the debate on the Penal Code, as the minister has no time and she should attend an oversea meeting,' Paixao said. She added that the Minister for Justice, Lucia Lobato would come to the Parliament to defending the draft of the Penal Code.

MP wants the results of Dec. 4 2002 case be released - Televizaun Timor-Leste 22 September 2008
A Democratic Party Member of the National Parliament, Rui Menezes, called on the current government to release the results of the investigation into the 4 December 2002 case if the country is committed to establishing justice and peace in the nascent democratic country.

Menezes made the statement in relation to the public outcry for the release of the results of the investigation into the 11 February attacks on President Ramos Horta and Prime Minister Gusmao.

He stressed, we should not only demand for the results of 11 February but demand also for the other related cases such as 4 December because it is considered as the beginning for those cases.

He said that the most recent cases such as 2006 crises and even the 11 February case are not independent of the 4 December 2002 case and therefore if the people really want to seek justice, then they should demand also the release of the results of the case to the public.

Editor's Note: There was a disintegration of the rule of law in Dili on 4 December 2002 when police attacked a demonstration in front of the Palacio do Governo and shot several students in the central Dili suburb of Kolmera; killing 2. On that day also the private residence of the then Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri and the famous 'Hello Mister' supermarket were the subject of selective arson attacks. The mosque and the Parliament were also stoned and one MP seriously injured. Reprisals by the police the following day saw numerous human rights violations committed against citizens.

Image: Hello Mister supermarket in central Dili burns on 4 December 2002

For an analysis of the 4 December 2002 riot, see The Riot of 4 December 2002: Who Is To Blame? by Joao Boavida

See also Joint Statement of Civil Society Organizations in Timor Lorosae on the incident.

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