28 May 2010

Dili District court postpones trial in shooting attack on Defence Commander's residence in 2006

Timor Post, May 27, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Dili District Court yesterday postponed the trial process in the case of the attack on the residence of the Timorese Defence Force (F-FDTL) Commander Taur Matan Ruak because former Timorese Police Commander Paulo Fatima Martins was not present.

The court has sent an official letter to the Parliament in order to allow MP Martins to testify in the court, but the Parliamentary Speaker Fernando Lasama de Araujo responded through a text saying that his MP would only provide his response to the court in written form.

Meanwhile, Judge Felismino Cardoso, has said the court would send the same questions to MP Martins that had been asked to other witnesses.

He said that the witnesses should provide their answers within five days.

Meanwhile, Abillio Mausoko, who was is alleged to have been involved in the armed attack on General Ruak's house, said that he was dissatisfied with some leaders who had not contributed to the trial process.

We have always to be subject to the law but some leaders are not. We all should contribute to the trial process. I used to struggle for the country’s liberation as well, but just because of this situation whether I have to face a prison term or not is beside the point. Therefore all people should give their contribution,” Mausoko said.

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