17 May 2010

Timorese judges capable of managing the judicial process

Timor Post, May 12, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Appellate Court President Claudio Ximenes, has said it was true that there was a lack of human resources in the courts, but Timorese judges were capable of managing the country’s judicial system with their experiences.

He called on the judges to carry out their work more optimally and professionally and that it must be based on the existing applicable law.

“We cannot build up a good judicial system only in ten years since there are many things that are needed to be improved. We have judges to work in district courts, but it is important to better capacitate those judges who are working in the Appellate Court,” Ximenes said.

Meanwhile, public defender Sergio Hornay, has said that it was important to have adequate human resources if it was planned to set up an institution.

“We are promoting and developing judicial institutions, and people know that public defenders are an essential institution that provide judicial support to poor people,” Hornay said.

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