21 May 2010

Two young men detained for assaulting student in class

Timor Post, May 17, 2010 language source: Tetun - Likisa District Investigation Police Chief, Jeraldo Soares, has confirmed that two male youths, Ruben dos Santos and Felix de Fatima, are detained because they assaulted Nilton Maria Gutemberg, a secondary school student in his class room.

Soares said that Gutemberg was beaten up by dos Santos and Fatima last May 13 in the afternoon when he was participating in teaching and learning proces. Suddenly, dos Santos and Fatima came and hit him.

“The victim was beaten up by the attackers on his face therefore he sustained injuries to his face,” Soares confirmed.

He added that the case was now in the investigation process.

“They will be tried in the court, because they engaged in an act of crime,” Soares said.

Image added by ETLJB: District map of Likisa (Liquica) showing sub-districts. Likisa is the first district to the west of Dili. Adorned by beautiful beaches and stunning mountains, Liquica was the scene of a horrifying massacre at the Roman Catholic Church in the District capital town which is also called Likisa during East Timor's tragic and bloody secession from Indonesia in 1999.

Read a terrifying account by a survivor of the Liquica church massacre on 1999 Horrors of East Timor.

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