26 May 2010

President Horta grants pardons to prisoners who engage in crime in 2006 crisis

Timor Post, May 21, 2010 language source: Tetun - President Jose Ramos Horta has granted pardon to prisoners who were engaged in crime during the 2006 crisis.

President Horta said that the objective of giving pardons to the prisoners was a part of makinf feelings of revenge in the people disappear.

“Today I give pardon to those prisoners who engaged in crimse in the 2006 crisis. This is an invitation for peace and all people should live as brothers, respect other people and stay away from feelings of vengeance,” President Horta said.

President Horta said that what he did was a part of his promises made when he sore the oath of office when he became President on 20 May 2007.

He also called on all people to be united in order to contribute to the country's development process, adding that the Government should involve opposition parties in any dialog in order to seek solutions to the problems faced by the country, particularly in the aspects of security, Defense, Justice and National development process on the country.

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