17 May 2010

Police who violate human rights will be punished, says PNTL Command

Timor Post, May 12, 2010 language source: Tetun - Deputy Timorese Police Commander, Commissioner Afonso de Jesus, has said that the National Police Commando will analyse the recent report presented by the Timorese Human Rights and Justice Ombudsmen (PDHJ) to the PNTL command saying that some PNTL officers had engaged in human rights violations.

De Jesus said that command will punish those national police officers who were really engaged in the crimes.

“This is a recommendation for our institution, but we will analyse this recommendation before making a decision. We will punish those guilty officers based on the internal rules,” Commissioner de Jesus said.

De Jesus made the comment yesterday because PDHJ had recently sent its report to the PNTL command about engagement of the national police officer in crimes, adding that the PDHJ had also called on the PNTL command to take action to respond these cases.

Image added by ETLJB: Citizens arrested in the 2010 "crime crackdown" in East Timor's western districts. Civil society organisations identified numerous human rights violations by the police during the so-called anti-ninja operation.

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