03 September 2008

Court of Appeal refusal of application to cancel Presidential pardons decree


The President of the Republic publicly expressed its satisfaction with the decision of the Court of Appeal to refuse a request for annulment of presidential pardons decreed on May 20, 2008. The Court of Appeal refused the request of Mrs Fernanda Borges and a group of others to declare invalid the presidential decree that pardoned some of the penalties to a few dozen prisoners in Becora.

In the ruling, the Court of Appeal concluded that the Constitution of the Republic does not recognize the right of those people to make such a request to the court against the presidential pardon.

"Easily noted that the petitioners concerned are not part of the cast in Article 150 of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of East Timor, who do not enjoy active legal standing on the request," conclude the three judges of the Court of Appeal in its judgement on the application for annulment of the pardon.

The decision of the Court means that a group of people asked for presidential clemency be considered without constitutional validity, but ultimately the request made by those people is that it has no constitutional validity.

The President of the Republic respects all opinions, including those who disagree with his decisions.

The President of the Republic has been working for over 30 years for the Timorese to have political rights and express their opinions in freedom. But the President urges all to the need to express their differences of responsible manner with due respect and consideration to all the organs of sovereignty.

The President believes deeply in the need to move forward courageously on the path of peace and reconciliation. The people of East Timor want to look to the future and finally build its way to a better life.

East Timor can not cling to the past or seek revenge, because revenge only leads to more sterile violence which harms the country. The presidential pardon of May 20 was a step on the long path that the President has always promoted and will continue to promote, in favour of reconciliation and peace between East Timorese.

All Timorese citizens, without exception, have a duty to contribute constructively to resolve the problems of the people, urgently to help reduce poverty and help create the conditions for the development of East Timor, to attract investment and create jobs.

The President calls, hence, to everybody - politicians and ordinary citizens - to make an effort and work together to unite our nation, helping to solve the problems of the country, rather than spend energy on the small things that divide us. -- END.


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