03 September 2008

Legal Reports East Timor National Media 03 September 2008

PNTL still needs UN: Timorese police commander -- Diario Nacional, 3 September 2008
Timorese Acting Police Commander, Afonso de Jesus, said the Timorese National Police (PNTL) was yet to think of urging the UN to hand over mandate soon to the national police. "We need the UN's presence to professionalize Timorese police in the security sector," De Jesus said.

The commander said cooperation between the UN and Timor-Leste was going on and there had been no problem with the mandate, as the country was still facing challenges. He added police needed to be trained more by the UN, as the UN's assistance would be useful for the police when they left the country.

Verification team of MSS beaten -- Suara Timor Lorosae, 3 September 2008
Verification team of the Ministry of Social and Solidarity were attacked and then beaten in the sub-village of Anin Fuik, Beto on August 22, 2008. During the attack, a digital camera and other important documents were also confiscated from the MSS staff. The incident has been reported for the National Police to be followed up.

All component should support the effort to bring pipeline to Timor, says an MP -- Suara Timor Lorosae, 3 September 2008
PSD's party bench leader Fernando Dias Gusmao urged opposition parties and civil society at large to support the government's efforts to land the pipeline from the Greater Sunrise in Timor-Leste. "As a Timorese, I really want to see the pipeline in Timor-Leste because, if it is realized, it would give huge economic impacts". He added. "The Government is committed to bring pipeline to Timor-Leste and that this has to be supported by all". "Fretilin, AMP, the government, civil society should have one voice only to have power, if the government wants to bring the pipeline to Timor by 2009", Gusmao said.

Corruption cases not yet registered at Dili's court -- Suara Timor Lorosae, 3 September 2008
Though there are indications of corruption registered at the office of Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman and General Prosecutor's office to be followed up, until now there is no single corruption case registered at the Dili district Tribunal.

Natercia Maria Gusmao Barbosa informed up to date there is no single case registered by the public prosecutor at the court. "Thus far, we from the tribunal have not received any accusation of corruption. So, if there was any information saying the tribunal had process some corruption cases, the information is not true," Barbosa said.

Meanwhile, a CNRT's Member of Parliament Arao Noel de Jesus C. Amaral said the tribunal is more focused on prosecuting criminal cases in that it is slow in prosecuting corruption cases. Recently, the Deputy General Prosecutor Ivo Valente informed that public prosecutor had registered 35 corruption-related issues.

Dili's Bishop visits Kiwi's base -- Suara Timor Lorosae, 3 September 2008
Bishop of Dili Mgr. Alberto Ricardo da Silva Tuesday (2/9) paid a visit to the New Zealand's military base in the capital. The Kiwis have been using the property of the Church for the last two years and in the near future new located will be given to the Kiwis. The International Stabilization Forces from New Zealand thanked the Church for allowing them to use the property.

Bishop Ricardo thanked the forces for their contribution in restoring peace and stability in the county after the 2006 crises erupted. The bishop also praised the soldier for their professionalism in carrying out their duties here.

Papito forgets party, says PSD party secretary general -- Timor Post, 3
September 2008

Social Democratic Party Secretary General, Fernando Gusmao, said former state secretary for Cooperative and Rural Development, Papito Monteiro had never consulted the party about his resignation from his post.

The former state secretary should have consulted the PSD party about his resignation, because he was nominated by the party, Gusmao said. "Until now the PSD party has not officially known about Papito Monteiro's resignation," Gusmao said.

Meanwhile, MP Jose Manuel Carrascalao from Timorese Social Democratic Association (ASDT) said Papito Monteiro's resignation was positive and reasonable, because his health condition did not permit or might be incapable of doing his works.

Prosecutor general visits Australia -- Timor Post, September 3 2008
Timorese Prosecutor General has held an official visit to Australia for looking directly at the ballistic examination to the evidences of the attacks on President Horta's residence and an ambush to Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao on February 11.

In this official visit, Prosecutor General, Longuinhos Monteiro will make a working coordination with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissary in Canberra. The Prosecutor general would also urge the Australian Government to speed up the process of ballistic examination.

"In this visit, I will make a working coordination with the Australian Federal Police's Commissary and we have agreed with this plan," Monteiro said.

Parliament disagrees with UN's request on international investigative commission -- Timor Post, 3 September
The Parliament has discussed an official request from the UN on setting up proposed international investigative commission into the assassination attempt to the president on February 11. Fretilin MP Inacio Moreira said preliminary discussion had showed the
Parliament stood firmly, defending the redaction to the resolution of setting up the international investigative commission.

"We do not know whether the UN's interpretation to our resolution is correct or not. Although the UN has good will to establish the proposed investigative commission," Moreira said. Moreira said many MPs had stated that the proposed investigative commission was yet to be set up, because the UN disagreed with such form of the investigative commission.

Security forces set deadline for residents to hand over illegal weapons
-- Radio Timor-Leste, 3 September 2008

Security forces have set deadline for the residents in the capital Dili to hand over all the illegal weapons which is being threat for people's lives. District Dili Police Commander, Inspector Pedro Belo said the police would hold an immediate operation against residents who were still hiding weapons. Belo called on all the residents to hand over all the illegal weapons to the security forces within one week; otherwise they would search into the residents' houses.

Metinaro youths calls on Government to continue operation of recalling illegal weapons -- Radio Timor Leste, 2 September 2008
Metinaro youths have called on the Government to continue operation of recalling illegal weapons which are currently still at large in the community. The youths also urged the country's security forces to capture those who did not abide by the law during the recall of weapons was going on. Spokesperson for the youths, Juliao Amaral, said the operation of recalling the weapons was positive, as it could help residents to avoid acts of violence.

Amaral added they were currently cooperating with the security forces to contact the residents to hand over the illegal weapons they were hiding.

No action taken yet against illegal fishing in Viqueque, says F-FDTL officer -- Radio Timor-Leste, 2 September 2008
Commander of Naval Component of the East Timor's Defense Force, Lieutenant Colonel Donasiano Gomes Pedro Klamar Fuik said lack of proper equipments remain a tangible obstacle for the component to take an immediate action in dealing with illegal fishing in the national territory of Timor-Leste.

Meanwhile, Viqueque's PNTL District Commander Sub-Inspector Gaspar Pinto stated there was no measure taken against foreign ships operating in the area of Viqueque due to inadequate equipment. Seven foreign ships are still doing their illegal fishing there.

My speech in the Security Council Meeting approved by the Council of Ministers, says Foreign Minister, Da Costa -- Radio Timor-Leste, 2 September 2008
Timor-Leste's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Zacarias Albano da Costa said Tuesday (2/9) his speech to the United Nations Security Council's meeting was approved by the prime minister and the president of the republic. Da Costa made the statement in response to a press release made by the opposition party Fretilin on August 22nd questioning the content of the speech as it failed to make a reference to the resolution of the National Parliament on the establishment of an international inquiry commission to reveal facts around the incident of February 11th.

The minister further argued the speech was made in consultation with the President and the Prime Minister. Da Costa said there was no question raised during the meeting relative to
the February 11th incident, however member states praised the measures taken in relation to the attack.

Lautem residents hand over illegal weapons -- Televisaun Timor-Leste, 2 September 2008
Residents of five sub districts in the eastern district of Lautem have voluntarily handed over illegal weapons, such as traditional, home made weapons and ammunitions to the police in that district. Lautem Police Operational Commander, Sub Inspector Leonildo Cristovao the police in Lautem had recalled about more than 100 illegal weapons.

Cristovao said the residents handed over the weapons due to the policy and decision made the Government, as well as announcement made by the police during the operation. He added the activity of recalling the weapons was a proper way for the people to stay away from the acts of violence.

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