04 September 2008

Legal Reports East Timor National Media 03-04 September 2008

UN has no relation with the establishment of international investigative commission, says Lasama -- Diario Nacional, 4 September 2008
Parliamentary President Fernando Lasama Araujo said the United Nations had no relation with the resolution of setting up an international investigative commission into the attempted assassination to President Horta on February 11.

Lasama was referring to the disagreement of the UN on the establishment of the proposed investigative commission where the UN was not given power to make recommendations. Lasama said the Government should make an effort to execute the approved resolution, as only investigation could identify those who had engaged in the assassination attempt. He added the Government continued cooperating with the UN in setting up the proposed commission, yet the power was in the hands of the Government.

Asanami faces inquiry -- Suara Timor Lorosae, 4 September 2008
The Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman questioned Eng. Mariano Sabino Asanami Wednesday (3/9) in relation to a memorandum of understanding that he signed with an international company to grow sugar cane.

Some members of the national parliament filed complaints to the office of the Ombudsman alleging that the signing of the memorandum is a proof of maladministration. Asanami said that the MoU was based on the Constitution of the Republic particularly articles 115, 117 and 30 about the competence of the ministry to manage resources in terms of agriculture and fisheries to increase production and for the benefits of the people.

Asanami added, though the memorandum was already signed feasibility studies and environmental impact analyses were yet needed to be carried out.

PSD nominates a candidate to replace Papito Monteiro -- Suara Timor Lorosae, 4 September 2008
The Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Fernando Dias Gusmao said Wednesday (3/9) that the party had nominated a candidate to replace the position left by Papito Monteiro.

The former Secretary of State for Rural Development and Co-operatives tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister through the Minister of Economy and Development, Joao Goncalves. In relation to the candidate is going to replace Papito, the Party had identified a candidate but it's not yet final as we need to consult with the Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, he said.

Monteiro resigned due his health status that might debilitate him to carry out the work and that his resignation was not because of any political motivation.

The competence to nominate an official for the government's structure rests with the head of the executive.

Government to produce new investment law, says Joao Goncalves -- Timor Post, 4 September 2008
Minister for Economy and Development, Joao Goncalves, said the Parliamentary Majority Alliance Government (AMP) led by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao would produce new investment law to replace the old one produced by the former Fretilin government.

The minister said this law would be sent to the Council of the Ministers to discuss it profoundly before submitting to the Parliament for approval. He added the contents of the law would be similar to the old one, but there were only some changes to the incentives.

Court does not receive request of canceling pardon for prisoners, says Horta - Timor Post, 4 September 2008
President Jose Ramos Horta is pleased with the decision made by the Court of Appeal, giving pardon to the prisoners on May 20, 2008. In a press release, president Horta said the court had not received any request made by certain people with Ms. Fernanda Borges from the National Unity Party, urging to cancel the pardon.

The decision taken by the Court of Appeal was legal, because the decision was based upon an official request of the president, the press release said.

In line with this issue, the president has made consultation with all sides before making request to the Court of Appeal. Horta called on all the country's people to express their ideas and thoughts and be responsible for respecting the country's state bodies.

It is difficult to intervene prices in the market, says PM Gusmao -- Televisaun Timor-Leste, 4 September 2008
Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao said it was so difficult to intervene prices which were currently staying in high in the market, because Timor-Leste was yet to have commercial and industrial council. The prime minister made the comments yesterday in response to President Horta's request of taking action to businessmen who had manipulated prices in the country, Gusmao said the country needed to set up council of commerce and industry to watch over fair and balanced competition in the business sector.

"We need a proper statistic data for the sake of business competition in the country," Gusmao said. Gusmao added he had met with all the businessmen in the country to seek a solution to the prices which were still being hiked up.

Baukau Police borrows fuel from EDTL, says police commander- Televisaun Timor Leste, 03 September 2008
Baukau district Police has borrowed fuels from Power Supply Station (EDTL), because they had no more fuels for supporting their activities. Baukau Police Commander, Sub Inspector Aderito da Costa Ximenes Abrao said they had made an official request to the police national headquarters, but there was yet no response.

The commander said the police in Baukau also lacked of transport and communication radio to help support their operations. In response, State Secretary for Security, Francisco da Silva Guterres said he was surprised with such information, because each month all the police stations were provided with fuels by the Tiger Fuel Company, but he would make a cross check on this matter.

Guterres said it was true that the police were facing shortcomings, such as communication radio, but they had contacted an Australian Company to provide it.

Around 4,000 traditional and automatic weapons collected in three districts- Radio Timor-Leste, 03 September 2008
Around 4,000 traditional and automatic weapons collected in the districts of Aileu, Baukau and Manufahi, mostly darts and home-made weapons or rakitan.

From the district of Aileu there were about 200 traditional and home-made weapons handed in by local and community leaders to the local police Wednesday (3/9). Meanwhile, from the District of Baukau there were about 3500 weapons collected during the campaign. Most of these
weapons are dart (256), home-made weapon (53), air-gun (38), Molotov cocktail (1), including two communication radios.

From the district of Manufahi, the weapon collection campaign which was done from July 15 up to August 31 netted more than 300 home-made and automatic weapons. These weapons include air-gun (31), darts (70), hand grenade (2) and others. In the sub-district of Kristu Rei of Dili some traditional and automatic weapons were also handed in by the community leaders to the National Police Wednesday.

Govt not responsible for the removal of the IDPs at the former AsPol-Radio Timor-Leste 03 September 2008
Secretary of State for Natural Disasters said the Ministry of Social Solidarity is not responsible for the IDPs currently occupying the former Police Dormitory known as AsPol (Asrama Polisi). Jacinto Gomes added his part had informed the IDPs not to return to the place knowing that there was a notification letter from the Land and Property Department to vacate the place.

However, an IDPs leader Valdemor de Fatima Sarmento denied the information that the IDPs were instructed not to return there. Instead the Ministry only told the IDPs to return to the places where they stayed, either in Dili or in the districts. Sarmento urged the government to create pre-conditions first before moving them out.

Only two house-holds have been removed thus far from the disputed area.
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