05 September 2008

Legal Reports East Timor National Media 05 September 2008

Legal Reports East Timor National Media 05 September 2008
PM Gusmao thanks residents for weapons surrender - Televisaun and Radio Timor-Leste, 4 September 2008 Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has thanked the residents for their initiative of handing in illegal weapons to the security forces. The prime minister made the comments today (4/9) after participating in a trilateral meeting between the Timorese Defense Ministry, the UN police and the International Stabilization Forces (ISF) at the Palace of the Government.

Gusmao said the campaign of recalling illegal weapons had reached positive result, as the residents wanted to contribute to the peace and stability in the country. "Today we talked about general situation of the country. The situation is stable, because our people from day today hand in home-made weapons and other explosive things to the security forces," Gusmao added.

UN concerns about human rights violation by PNTL - Timor Post, 5 September 2008
The UN Acting Police Commissary, Joao Carlos Arevalo, said the UN Police would hand over mandate to the Timorese National Police (PNTL), but was still concerned about human rights violation committed by the PNTL officers. "According to the plan our mandate would come to end in May 2009, yet the UN Police is still concerned about human rights violation committed by the PNTL officers," Arevalo said. Arevalo said the UN Police would help strengthen the discipline of the PNTL, so that people would have police that could better serve them.

Gusmao should also face inquiry, says Fretilin's Branco - Timor Post, 5 September 2008 Following the inquiry made by the Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman (PDHJ) to the minister for agriculture in recent days, Fretilin MP Francisco also urges the PDHJ to have similar inquiry of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

Inquiry to the Minister for Agriculture, Mariano "Asanami" Sabino Lopes was made, because he was alleged of involving maladministration by signing a MOU with Indonesian Company on land deals for planting sugar can. Branco stressed the PDHJ should have inquiry to Gusmao, because the Indonesian Company had relationship with Gusmao's political party.

The report of the TFC is not different from the CAVR's, says MP Carmelita - Diario Nacional, 5 September 2008
Vice-President of Committee A Carmelita Moniz said though the report of the Truth and Friendship Commission had been submitted to the National Parliament the report itself is not different from the report of the CAVR. Ms Moniz added the Parliament had obtained the report though the members have not read the report yet. However, she thinks that generally the recommendations are similar in content to the recommendations of the CAVR.

She commented the state to pay serious attention to the rights of the victims. "I have a big expectation (on that, red) because it is the state's responsibility to attend the needs and interests of the victims," she said. She added that in the near future, the Committee will discuss the recommendations of the TFC to come up with resolutions that the government should act upon in terms of legislating to accommodate the 1999 victims' rights.

National entrepreneurs meet with PM - Diario Nacional, 5 September 2008
National entrepreneurs from Timor-Leste's Chamber of Industry and Timor-Leste's Forum of Entrepreneurs met with the East Timor's Prime Minister Thursday (4/9). The representatives urged the government to improve tender process and to provide legal protection for their economic activities. Secretary General of the Timor-Leste's Forum of Entrepreneurs Jorge Serrano said that the meeting was a regular meeting between the government and local business association.

One of the businessmen, Rui Castro, said during the meeting, "We suggested on how to improve the tendering system to make it more transparent." Rui also added, the government needs also to put in place legal frameworks necessary to protect local businessmen as government bids are normally won by international businessmen. He also said that the flow of communication between the government and local business association is poor.

F-FDTL proposes US $ 10 million to be allocated to defense force's programs -- Televisaun Timor-Leste, 5 September 2008
State Secretary for Defense, Julio Thomas Pinto, said in the state budget of 2009, F-FDTL proposed US $ 10 million to be allocated to the activities of the defense force in future. Pinto made the comments yesterday after meeting with the F-FDTL's official, talking the defense force plan based on fiscal envelope year which was determined by the ministry of planning and finance. The F-FDTL Chief of Staffs, Lere Anan Timur, said the proposed budget was adequate to be allocated to F-FDTL's programs.

UN will handover mandate to Timorese police -- Timor Newsline (Online News), 4 September 2008
The UN police will hand over mandate to the Timorese National Police known as PNTL and hopes that the Government will help support PNTL with adequate logistics based upon four criterions before taking up responsibility. During a press conference held today (4/9), the UN Police Commissary Joao Carlos Arevalo said the four criterions were institutional stability, security management, certificated police officers and logistic supports.

The commissary said the UN police would continue advising and monitoring the PNTL officers during their working time and called on them to be responsible for doing their tasks. The UN will keep improving skills of the PNTL officers by providing them training, so that they could better serve the people, the commissary said. He added the UN police will hand over mandate to the PNTL next year and was still being planned.

House construction for the veterans in Lautem does not follow the agreement, says Luta Hamutuk - Diario Nacional, 5 September 2008
The construction of houses for veterans from the district of Lautem which was scheduled to finish by this year is not finish yet according to the existing agreement.

A national Non-Governmental Organization Luta Hamutuk (Struggle Together) which closely monitors the reconstruction process urged the government to clarify this matter to the public.

A spokesperson for the organization Joaozito Viana made this statement during a press conference held at the office of Luta Hamutuk in Farol, Dili. "We urge the Secretary of State for the Veterans and Combatants to clarify to the public why there is slowness from the Ministry of Finance in financing the project," Joaozito said.

The construction of 100 houses for veterans started in July 2007 and was financially supported by the People's Republic of China with the total amount of US$1 million. Accordingly, about 19 houses are built for the veterans in Lautem and according to the agreement the houses had to be transferred to the veterans on November 27th, 2007. He also said the veterans do not want to stay in those houses due to the size of the houses is too small.

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