08 September 2008

Legal Reports National Media 7 September 2008

Trilateral cooperation needed to prevent illegal fishing – Timor Post, 8 September
In order to prevent unwanted illegal fishing in the national territory of East Timor, the government should establish cooperation with neighboring countries Australia and Indonesia in the near future. The president of Committee B of the National Parliament on Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security, Duarte Nunes, made the statement Thursday (4/9) in relation to the recent reports about foreign ships in the area of Viqueque. Mr Nunes added, 'It is important for the government to establish cooperation with Australia and Indonesia to deal with recurring illegal fishing problems in the country.' He commented also the government had allocated budget to buy ships for this purpose and in terms of training on how to operate the ships had been provided by the United States Pacific Command.

Image: Duarte Nunes President Commission B National Parliament of East Timor.

Timor-Leste to participate in a Congress on Security in the United States – Timor Post, 8 September
In order to strengthen political security in the country and to anticipate both external and internal threats, a Timor-Leste's delegation led by Vice Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres had left East Timor Friday to the United States to attend a conference on security. The delegation consists of members of the government, members of parliament and representatives of civil society organizations. During the conference, Secretary of State of Security Francisco Guterres is scheduled to be one of the speakers during the conference, covering topics such as security situation in the country and the policy of the government to do security sector reform. The conference itself will start on September 9th and will end on September 12th, 2008.

The rate of kids involved in crimes is very high, says a local NGO – Timor Post, 8 September
According to Forum Tau Matan's monitoring to places like police detention centers and prisons, number of children involved in the crimes committed between 2006 and 2007 in Timor-Leste is very high. The Director of the NGO, Joao Pequino, made this statement during one-day workshop held at the office of Fokupers in Farol, Dili. “We would like to inform that according to the monitoring to certain places such as police detention centers and prisons from September 2006 to September 2007 indicated that the crimes that involve children are very high,” said Pequino. Out of 1,272 cases filed, there are 132 cases (about 10.37%) where children involved and out of these 132 cases, only four cases (1.7%) where children under 12 years of age are directly involved.

No need to establish KAK but to reinforce PDHJ – Timor Post, 8 September
The chief of Fretilin bench, Francisco Branco, said to combat against corruption in Timor Leste no need to establish Anti-Corruption Commission (KAK) or High Anti Corruption Commission as wanted by the government. In the reality Timor Leste has faced many problems; especially in Human Recourse is very low, he said. It is better to reinforce and make revision for structure of Provider of Human Right and Justice (PDHJ) and to capacitate PDHJ to be able to combat corruption in Timor Leste, he explained. "If we want to establish another institution, I think it is not efficient and effective because this country is small and only has few populations," he added. He said this from Parliaments on September 6.

UNPol urged not to wash their hands – Suara Timor Lorosa'e, 8 September
Parliament Vice President for Security Issues, Paulo de Fatima Martins called for the United Nations Police (UNPol) not to wash their hands from the failure that involved PNTL members.
He said the failure that has been done by PNTL is the responsibility of UNPol because UNPol so far has accompanied or tutored the institution of PNTL. "The failure of PNTL is the failure of UNPol. If it is only to suspect PNTL, means that UN wanted to wash their hands or stay away from the case. This is because PNTL was trained by UN and therefore not only to suspect the PNTL" he said. He said this from Parliament house on September 5.

Australia delivers technical training for Timorese – Suara Timor Lorosa'e, 8 September
State Secretary for Professional and Employee Training, Bendito Freitas, said Australian Government has shown it willing to help Timorese people, especially in Professional Technical Training and possibility for them to get some work in the referred country (Australia). He added that Australian Government has supported Timor Leste through International Labor Organization (ILO); and last month Australia's Bob Mabmalam came to Timor Leste to approve 6 million to promote employees especially for the young people. He said this from his office on August 29.

Minister Gusmao visits F-FDTL Training Centre- Radio Timor Leste, 05 September
Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has held an official visit to the Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL)’s Training Centre and museum for Timorese heroes’ remains who were killed during the country resistance. Speaking to journalists, the prime minister said the conditions of the bones were good and the Government would continue making efforts to put them in proper place. Gusmao said they would continue constructing place for them and was initiated by the former Government. He added the Government would keep taking into consideration requests made by the relatives to burry their loved ones according to their own traditions.

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