28 July 2012

47 traffic accident fatalities

East Timor Legal News 28 July 2012 Source: The Dili Weekly 26/07/2012 Written by Venidora Oliveira - Forty seven (47) road fatalities were registered during the period beginning January to July of this year in the whole of Timor-Leste.

“Some were victims of collisions while others fell of motorbikes and other accidents resulted directly from bad road conditions such as in Ermera,” said National Traffic Authority Chief Antonio L. C Soares (17/07), in Caicoli, Dili.
Another factor was most drivers not having full understanding of road signage, he added.

Member of Parliament Jose Manuel Fernandes in his turn said compared to other nations, Timor-Leste casualties are very small.

“Relatively speaking, this is a very low number compared to other countries where the actual volume of traffic is also higher, we are constantly blaming the police but we ourselves do not seem to want to contribute, because many a time we do not obey traffic signs,” said the MP.

The MP also asked the DNTT not to issue driver’s licenses to people who did not have the necessary experience to drive vehicles on the road.

“People should be tested on whether they know traffic rules, and whether they have the necessary skills to drive, but mostly if they abide by the traffic code, before licenses are issued,” suggested the MP.

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