28 July 2012

East Timor Legal News 27 July 2012

Headlines Summary: Previous members to serve the new government - Hera Naval Port damaged after spending US $ 7 million - New governnment will give priority to marine force - Six Timorese people detained in Surabaya
No specific law to declare assets - TMR appreciates PDHJ's work - 31 % Women occupy new National Parliament seats - CNE removes political parties' attributes - Frenti Mudanca denies rumors on shadow cabinet - AATL protests international legal advisors
Previous members to serve in the new government Independente, July 27, 2012 - Ministers and secretaries of states who served the current Government will probably take part in the new government.

A joint technical team from CNRT and PD responsible for discussing the cabinet members said yesterday that it was important to continue using the present Government members in the new government.

Frenti Mudanca was not included in the joint technical team but is in the political team.

Previous government members would serve in the new government so that they could finish their works, PD's National Council President Antonio da Concencao said.

"The reform is not dramatic. We do not want destroy the previous structure completely," he said.
Hera Naval Port damaged after spending US $7 million Independente, July 27, 2012 - Hera temporary port for the Timorese Defence Force (F-FDTL) naval force has been damaged after a strong wave hit it. The port was constructed by an Australian company named Lifese Engineering Ltd in 2010 with a total budget US $ 7 million in which the construction did not go through a tender process.

The port has not yet been handed over to the Government officially by the company, but it is damaged because of the poor quality.

Last year the Government had to pay a fine US $1 million because it breached the contract.
New government will give priority to marine force Timor Post July 27, 2012 - State Secretary for Defense Julio Tomas Pinto said that he would recommend to the new government to give priority to better develop the country's marine force to patrol the Timor Sea.

"I know the marine force is still facing many difficulties; especially the material for the maintenance of the ship and the barracks for the marine force members," Pinto said.

Pinto said although the government is changing, the strategic planning for the marine force would be continued. "The government will be changed, but the strategic planning will be continued to professionalise the marine force in the future," he said.
Six Timorese citizens detained in Surabaya over stabbing death Timor Post July 27, 2012 - Six Timorese students suspected of being engaged in a criminal case in Surabaya are being detained on suspicion of having stabbed a fellow student named E. Freitas Belo to death.

Amongst the detained students are Juliao Pinto from ITTAS University and Roberto Brites from Information Technology of Greno Surabaya.
No specific law to declare assets Timor Post July 27, 2012 - Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (KAK) Aderito de Jesus said there was no specific law to regulate government officials declaration of their assets.

De Jesus said the law No. 7/2007 did not specifically mention asset declarations by the prime minister, the president of the republic, the president of parliament or the president of the Court of Appeal.

"Law no 7/2007 is too general, therefore we have no specific law for officials of the government to declare their assets," he said.
TMR appreciates Human RIghts and Justice Ombudsman's work Suara Timor Loro sa'e, July 27, 2012 - The President of the Republic Taur Matan Ruak appreciated the Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman's (PDHJ) work; therefore, he called on them to continue maintaining their work.

PDHJ Ombudsman Sebasriao Dias Ximenes said the president of the republic appreciated their work and he called on them to continue maintaining this work and would cooperate with the office of the president

"The president appreciates our work and he has called on us to maintain and in the future to cooperate with the President's Office," Ximenes said.
Women to occupy 31 % Women occupy new National Parliament seats - Suara Timor Loro Sae July 27, 2012  - Timorese women will occupy about 31 per cent of the nwe National Parliament seats meaning that the country gives more opportunities to the Timorese women to participate in politics.

State Secretary for the Promotion of Equality (SEPI) Idelta Maria Rodrigues said there were 20 women representatives who would occupy the National Parliament seats from CNRT, FRETILIN, and PD as approved by the Appellate Court on July 16, 2012.

"Women representative in National Parliament are 31 percent and we are calling on the Parliament to approve the domestic violence law," she said
CNE removes political parties' attributes Radio Televizaun de Timor-Leste July 27, 2012 - The National Election Commission (CNE) yesterday removed all the posters and stickers belonging to the political parties which were put up in public places in the Capital of Dili.

Director General for CNE Olavio da Costa Monteiro said the political campaign materials should be cleaned based on the electoral law.

"We are calling on the people to work together with CNE to remove all political parties' posters in the capital of all districts in the country," Almeida said.
Frenti Mudanca denies rumors on cabinet Radio Timor-Leste, July 27, 2012 - Secretary-General of Fretilin Mudanca Party Jorge da Concecao Teme has denied the widespread rumors about the cabinet of the new fifth constitutional government.

Mr. said the rumoured cabinet list was untrue and was baseless as his party and other political parties like CNRT and PD had not yet discussed it.

He therefore called on all the Timorese people not to believe such rumors, as the new cabinet would be appointed by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

"It is better for us to wait until the prime minister has announced it, as according to the law the ministers are appointed by the prime minister," he said.
East Timor Lawyers Association protests international legal advisers Radio Timor-Leste, July 27, 2012 - The Timor-Leste Lawyers Association (AATL) yesterday protested the international legal advisors who are currently taking part in a test to become legal advisers in the country.

Spokesperson for AATL, Pedro Aparicio, said the presence of international lawyers in Timor-Leste would be a threat for the Timorese lawyers employment opportunities, especially in the field of justice.

Mr. Aparicio would present this issue to the Government and the National Parliament to take it into consideration.

"We would like to take this problem to the Government and the Parliament to look at it carefully in terms of politics," he said.

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