17 July 2012

Disturbances result of "irresponsible" CNRT - Mari Alkatiri

Mari Alkatiri, FRETILIN SecGen
East Timor Legal News 17/07/2012 Source: Lusa July 16, 2012, 14:00 Macau, China, July 16 (Lusa) - The unrest in East Timor committed by alleged members of Fretilin "are not made on behalf" of the Fretilin party, but is "consequence of the irresponsible attitude of the CNRT and some of its members," Secretary-General Mari Alkatir told the Lusa agency today.

"The criminal acts have nothing to do with the Fretilin organisation. The quality of people is one thing, people's actions is something else," he said pointing out that no one practices disorders on behalf of Fretilin.

In a telephone call made from Macau, Mari Alkatiri stressed, however, that the people's reaction was a response to "the irresponsible CNRT party and party members."

"They used official channels to make a conference in a direct and almost public trial of Fretilin," said Mari Alkatiri stressing that the members of CNRT publicly accused Fretilin "of not contributing to peace and other things."

"This is an irresponsible act that took place at a conference of the CNRT party" which then generated "spontaneous reactions of people and not the organisation," he said.

Mari Alkatiri also said to have already spoken with the president and an employee of Xanana Gusmao "urging them to take a stance that calms people."

With a guaranteed place in the opposition after the National Council of Timorese Reconstruction decided to invite the Democratic Party and Frente Mudanca to form a majority government, Mari Alkatiri guarantees "to fully respect the election result," but says the country's opposition was never more than cosmetic.

"They say they want a strong opposition, but this is cosmetic because the government in the last five years never respected the opposition," he concluded.

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Unknown said...

Mr Alkatiri,not only has the Gusmao Government not respected the opposition in the previous 5 years it did not respect its own coalition members or former President when they spoke out against alleged corrupt practices by other members of the CNRT Coalition. I believe that Mr Gusmao "toyed" with aspirations for unity of many East Timorese (I was in TL at the time) - many non-Fretilin Timorese citizens told me they hoped for better governance and unity - their hopes have been dashed and Gusmao has blood on his hands. I wish the people of East Timor all the best and a future just,astute and fair government. Sincerely Rhonda Charmaine Palmer