20 July 2012

Police officer who shot dead Armindo Pereira Alves suspended

East Timor Legal News 20 July 2012 Source: Independente - The Timorese National Police (PNTL) Commander Commissioner of Police Longuinhos Monteiro said he had taken the decision to suspend  the PNTL officer who shot dead Armindo Pereira Alves in Hera because it was a homicide against the people of the country.

Monteiro said the suspect did not work anymore as he had been detained for investigation purposes.

"I have suspended him within two days waiting for the Public Prosecutor to conduct the criminal investigation process, "he said.

He added as a democratic country the law banned the people from using force against the civilians in the country.

Independente also reports that Mr. Armindo Pereira Alves was killed on Monday morning on a street in Hera, Dili after being beaten.

"I have suspended him (the policeman). He has not come to work for two days," the Commissioner said.

Commander Monteiro said his institution had a duty to control any violence. Meanwhile, a police station in the sub district Uatulari in Viqueque district was destroyed after an unknown group attacked it on Wednesday at 9:30, district operational commander Eduardo Campois said.

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