06 July 2012

East Timor Legal News 04 July 2012

Baucau Court to deliver verdict on Leite's case today Timor Post, July 4, 2012 language source: Tetun - Baucau District Court is going to deliver its verdict on the case of the Minister of Administration and Territorial Management (MAEOT) Arcangelo Leite and Bernardo Hornai, today.

Defence lawyer Cancio Xavier confirmed that the Baucau District Court would make the decision concerning their clients based on the evidences and testimonies of the witnesses, adding the verdict would be given at 16:00 today.

The decision will be made by the Panel Judge president by Jose Goncalves accompanied by judge Angelo Fraga and Judge Afonso Carmona and the Prosecutor General would be represented by the prosecutorial team which comprised of prosecutor Aderito Tilman and Felismino Cardoso.
Seven districts potential security risk places Timor Post, July 4, 2012 language source: Tetun - Deputy Police Commander Commissioner Afonso de Jesus has confirmed that the police had identified seven districts as potential security risk locations where conflict might appear.

"Our district police commander paid attention to those places to ensure security and prevent conflict during the election," de Jesus said.

He affirmed that the General Command of PNTL would deploy 2715 police officers throughout the country to secure the legislative election.
Lucia Lobato's legal defender submits appeal Radio Timor-Leste, July 04, 2012, Language Source: Tetun - Justice Minister Lucia Lobato's legal defender, Sergio Hornai, has confirmed that they had submitted their appeal to the Dili District Court regarding the sentence handed down adainst his client.

"The appeal was filed on June 22 and we submitted the appeal to the Dili District Court so that they can pass it on to the Appellate Court,"

Hornai added that they presented their appeal to the Dili District Court because they were dissatisfied with the final verdict of the court sentencing their client for five years in prison.
SIC difficult to identify discovered skeletons Independente, July 4, 2012 language source: Tetun - The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga has stated that they lacked anthropologists and archeologists and that it made it difficult to identify the skeletons which were found in front of the Government Palace in Dili.

He said they had no problem in the anthropology aspect because they were cooperating with anthropologists from Australia, but they had problem in archeology because this was the first time they needed archeologists in the identification process of the skeletons.

"Experience shows that we have never invited any archeologist to the country but we need their presence now in order to examine the plates, spoons and kettles found in the grave," Gonzaga said.

He affirmed the process would go through two steps such as DNA examination in order to identify the individual skeletons and the second was the examination of the skeletons to identify their tribes and how long they buried in that place.

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