16 July 2012

President Taur Matan Ruak visited Bobonaro district

16 July 2012 Dili, 16 July 2012: The President of the Repúblika, Taur Matan Ruak, on 10 to 12 July 2012 (last week) visted the sub-district of Maliana, in Bobonaro district to meet with local authorities and community leaders.

The Head of State explained to the community leaders and authorities the processes of the recent elections (presidential and parliamentary) in the country. The President also spoke of his program and plans for his current mandate and what Timor-Leste will do post the departure of the current UN mission at the end of this year.

President Matan Ruak has asked for the local authorites cooperation and collaboration with the State to ensure peace and stability in order that the new government can continue with developing the nation.

The President also visited the local F-FDTL post iha Tunu Bibi in Maliana, the Border Patrol Unit (UPF), the local Maliana Referal Hospital and the Maliana Agricultural School to see personally their working conditions.

UPF and F-FDTL leaders siezed the opportunity to update the Head of State on their ongoing activities and daily work in maintaining border security and well as their challenges, in particular, clean water for their offices.

Before returning to Dili, the President and his team visited also Cailaco sub-district in Bobonaro and Asmanu village in Liquiça and caught up with local leaders and authorities where they (a representation from eight villages) requested that the new government look at fixing the roads to facilitate their daily livelihoods and the verification of former Veterans and Combatents be reviewed to avoid any unfairness.

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