13 July 2012

East Timor Legal News 13 July 2012

UN Police and PNTL commanders hold HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, July 13, 2012 Language Source: Tetun - The United Nations Police and the Timorese National Police (PNTL) have held HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns. PNTL and UN police members will also take part in medical checkups.

PNTL and UN police officially launched the HIV/AIDS prevention campaign as a way of preventing this fatal illness in the country.

There are nine officials of PNTL who were positively infected by HIV/AIDS; seven men and two women who have been suspended from their positions by the Commander for intensive medical treatment.

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Police purchase a new ship Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, July 13, 2012 Language Source: Tetun - The Timorese National Police (PNTL) have purchased a new ship to help facilitate the Timorese Marine police in controlling illegal activities in the Timor Sea.

The total amount spent for purchasing the ship called LUSITANIA was more than US$1 million.

"The ship will be used in the cross zone and also to be used for supporting emergency travel of the Government's VIP's when holding activities in the sea," PNTL Commander, Commissioner of Police Longuinhos Monteiro said.

The Timorese Marine Unit police Superintendent Lino Saldanha has called on the new Government to create a ship workshop in the country for the ship maintenance.
Brothels operate freely in Dili, including near Presidential Office Independente, July 13, 2012 - An Indonesian restaurant in Pantai Kelapa, Dili was being used as brothel with the cost of rooms varying from US$10  to US $15. The money is paid to the owner of the restaurant, an unnamed source said.

The source said that the cost of prostitution varied from US $40-US $60 depending on negotiations.

"The restaurant and bar are opened at 8:00 AM and closed at 9:00PM, but sometimes (we stay open) until midnight if there are a lot of visitors," the source said.

He added that the majority of prostitutes were Timorese and four others were from Indonesia.

Another source also told Independente that a house which is near the Presidential Palace of Nicolao Lobato in Aitarak-Laran, Dili was also being used as brothel.The source said that there were 12 Timorese women who worked at the brothel which has four rooms and two guest rooms.

Director of the Timorese Judicial System and Monitoring Program (JSMP) Luis de Oliveira Sampaio affirmed that law does not allow prostitution in the country and therefore people found guilty of engaging in this immoral activity would liable to five years imprisonment.

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Relocated residents sleep amid ashes as they await promised housing Independente, July 13, 2012 - The residents who were evicted by the government last year were now sleeping amid ashes because they are waiting for the government to make good on its promise to provide housing.

A resident who was also the victim, Lolita Maria Alves, said that the Government through the Justice Ministry promised to provide them housing but unfortunately nothing happened to date.

"Until now the Justice Minister Lucia's (Lobato) promise (to give us new place) has not been implemented yet. We continue sleeping in the ashes (here)," Alves said.

She also called on the Government to take the necessary action to respond to their case as soon as possible because the construction project of the new building of the Finance Ministry in the area affected their health condition as well.

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