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28 July 2012

New Book: Competitive Nation-Building in Timor-Leste With Particular Reference to the Discourse on the Postcolony's With Particular Reference to the Discourse on the Postcolony’s ‘Language Tetralemma’ During the Years 2002-07

East Timor Legal News 28 July 2012 New Book by Andre Borgerhoff - Nation-building is a competitive practice – no matter how united a people were in their past struggle for independence, and no matter how convincingly pledges are made thereafter to preserve ‘national unity.’ In 2002, Timor-Leste became a sovereign state. Starting from scratch after decades of resistance war, protagonists of varying age, education, and political backgrounds had rather different ideas of building theirnew community – as the ‘Tetralemma’ of four formal languages illustrates in this book.

This study explores the enormous challenges and exciting dynamics faced by emerging postcolonial and post-conflict nations. It explains why popular expectations of inclusiveness and stake, so vital to the success of liberation movements, turn into potential sources for distress after independence. Through a combined analytical approach of nationalism, sovereignty, collective memory, and strategic groups theory, nation-building is defined as the interest and ideology-driven construction of identity which, after all, constitutes a primarily political process.


Format 225 x 155 mm, 394 pages
ISBN 978-3-940132-47-5 
Price: 29,90 Euro (D)

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