26 July 2012

President meets the leaders of CNRT, PD and Frenti Mudansa

Dili, 25 July 2012: President of Republic, Taur Matan Ruak, met the leaders of the three coalition parties; Xanana Gusmáo of CNRT, Fernando “Lasama” de Araujo of the Democratic Party and Jose Luis Guterres of Frenti Mudansa. The objective of the meeting was to discuss about the forming of the 5th Constitutional Government.

“The President called the parties who have agreed to form a coalition Government to meet him, to brief him about our situation. I also informed him about our previous conference where we decided to establish a coalition with the Democratic Party and Frenti Mudansa, to form the next government”, said the CNRT’s President Xanana Gusmáo after the meeting.

After meeting these three leaders, the Head of State would also invite the FRETILIN leaders to hear their ideas and opinion on how FRETILIN could also contribute on forming of the new Government.

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