20 July 2012

More violence as PNTL and UN Police cars destroyed in Uatulari

East Timor Legal News 20 July 2012 Source: Radio Timor-Leste - Two cars of the National Police (PNTL) and another two cars belonging to the UN Police were destroyed by the mobs in Uatulari in the eastern district of Viqueque, Police Commander of Viquque, Justinho Menezes said.

"Two PNTL cars and two UN Police cars were broken as they were rocked by the mobs in Uatulari, he said.

The commander made the comments during a telephone interview on Thursday (19/7) regarding the violence happened in the referred district.

Menezes said apart from destroying the four police cars the mobs who were accompanying the dead body of the recent violence victim, Armindo Pereira Alves, to Uatulari also attacked the local police station.

He affirmed that the local leaders and politicians had tried to approach the mobs but the mobs continue attacking the police station.

It was difficult to be predict that the situation could be restored shortly in the area and similar incident might happen again, he said.

The general commands of the National police had increased the number of the police officers to restore law and order and to respond to any further violence.

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