11 July 2012

Timor-Leste Legal News 10 July 2012

Democratic Party ready to sit as opposition Timor Post, July 10, 2012 language source: Tetun - The Democratic Party (PD) is ready to become part of the opposition in the House of the Parliament if the new government includes independent people in the cabinet, the PD Party Secretary-General Samuel Mendonca said.

Mr. Mendonca made the comments in relation to the party's criteria for CNRT and Fretilin parties to form the new government.

"PD has its own criteria when making coalitions, namely the independent people who have no party should not be included in the government structure," he said. He also said anyone who was against Timor-Leste's independence should not be included in the new cabinet.
Dioniso Soares-Babo
Coalition will be decided by national conference: CNRT's Babo-Soares Timor Post, July 10, 2012 language source: Tetun - The Secretary-General of CNRT Party, Dionisio Babo-Soares said his party would form a coalition to set up a new government, but it would be decided by the party's national conference.

"CNRT will hold a political council meeting to organise a national conference which will decide what we need to do," he said. Babo said CNRT had decided in its last national conference to realise the country's national plans known as PEDN if it retained power.

"The Coalition should support the national plan [PEDN] and there should be comprises up to the end of the government's mandate," he said.
PNTL continues observing potential conflict areas Timor Post, July 10, 2012 language source: Tetun - The Timorese National Police (PNTL) and the UN Police continue controlling and deploying their members in the potential conflict areas up to the process of establishing of new government.

PNTL Operational Commander Armando Monteiro said the police continued controlling the security situation in the potential conflict areas, such as Baucau, Ermera, Viqueque and Dili.

Monteiro said his police officers would remain there in the areas until the establishment of the new government.
EU observers recognizes money politics in elections Diario Nacional, July 10, 2012 language source: Tetun - A representative of the European Union parliamentarians, Nuno Melo, affirmed that they identified some political parties providing money to buy votes during the political camapigns.

"We recognize that there was money politics involving some political parties during their political campaigns. But because of the judicial secret we could not publicise it," he said.

He added that such an electoral crime happened because there was no law to regulate budgets for the political parties.
A house and its kitchen set on fire in Maluro Village Radio Timor-Leste, July 10, 2012 language source: Tetun - One house and its kitchen were set ablaze by an unknown person in Maluro village in the eastern district of Viqueque, following the provisional result of the parliamentary elections that was announced through the country's public TV.

The owner of the house Manuel Soares during a telephone interview stated that his house and kitchen, including a boat engine were burned by unknown people at 10:00 PM last Sunday.

Soares said they were frightened before the legislative election run on July 7 last Saturday.

The Operational Police Superintendent Armando Monteiro confirmed that the Viqueque District Police have already responded to the case and controlled the situation in the area, adding that there were two people suspected of being engaged in the arson.

He added that the general security situation in the country was under control during the legislative election, even though there were some minor incidents happening but it did not impede the election process.
Uatulari sub-district police detain three people Radio Timor-Leste, July 10, 2012 language source: Tetun - Viqueque District Police Commander Superintendent Justinho Menezes has reported that the Uatulari Sub-District police had detained three people because they were drunk.

Monteiro said the police detained these three people because they created a disturbance in the area.

He said that the police decided to detain them in order to anticipate undesirable things happening, adding that the police were only able to detain three and two others escaped.

He added that they were continuing to chase up the two escaped people.

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