13 July 2012

Case of F-FDTL Homicide with the Public Prosecutor’s Office

Calisto Gonzaga, Director, Criminal Investigations Unit
East Timor Legal News Source: The Dili Weekly Wednesday, 11 July 2012 12:07 Written by Venidora Oliveira - The Public Prosecutor’s Office will carry out a thorough investigation into the murder of a member of Timor-Leste’s Armed Forces (F-FDTL) which occurred on the 24th of June this year.

“The case is currently with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and efforts are being made to arrest the killer,” said Calisto Gonzaga, Director of the Criminal Investigations Unit in Caicoli Dili (05/07).

The Director informed an autopsy had been carried out and the family of the deceased were handed his body for the funeral ceremony.
MP Estanislau da Silva asked the PNTL to fully investigate this case until the perpetrator is found.
“We need to carry out this investigation properly so we can find who killed this soldier, because no one has the right to take another person’s life,” said the MP.

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