20 July 2012

Deonisio Babo Regrets type of rhetoric used by participants to the CNRT Party Congress

Jornal Independente17 July 2012 - Secretary General of the CNRT party Deonisio Babi acknowledged that some delegates used language that would have offended the sensibilities of FRETILIN members.

"I would like to say that I extremely regret in case some friends have taken discord with some words said during the debate that occurred," said Deonisio.

"Despite this, Deonisio said that the CNRT decision not to enter into coalition with FRETILIN was not just the secretary-general nor the CNRT Party President's decision alone, but a collective decision taken by the whole party.

"This decision was not a leadership decision, but a decision that came from the group," he said.

Deonisio also said that the CNRT is ready to collaborate with any security institution to guarantee stability in the country.

"I ask all members of political parties to remain calm, and ask all friends to think with to think through with cool heads, so as to improve conditions in our country and of our people, said Donisio.

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